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Avinash Group (Nepal) reinforces its belief in Petersime and its…

After experiencing perceptible shortening of the hatch window and fuelled by the positive feedback on the performance of the…

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Ningxia Xiaoming (China) expands layer and PS operation further with…

After installing and starting up the first hatchery at top speed, Ningxia Xiaoming expands its hatchery operations with a…

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Sneak peek with a drone in the hatchery of Jaguafrangos

What does an ultramodern hatchery look like on the inside? Have a look inside Jaguafrangos’ cutting-edge hatchery in…

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Petersime is a world leader in the development of incubators, hatchery equipment and turnkey hatcheries.

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Headquartered in Belgium with offices in Brazil, China, Russia, Malaysia and India and a worldwide sales network, Petersime commits to a dedicated customer service.

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We offer Embryo-Response Incubation™ sensors for better hatchability, energy management technologies for energy savings and controllers for peace of mind in running your hatchery.

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Latest Cases

Ningxia Xiaoming Agriculture cooperates with Petersime for new layer hatchery

Ningxia Xiaoming Agriculture& Animal Husbandry Co., Ltd

Country: China

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“Since I have installed Synchro-Hatch™, I have seen that the hatch window has been shortened a lot and that the chicks are all uniform. Moreover, I’ve experienced a higher hatchability and a lower post-hatch mortality.”
Gudo Mollen, Hatchery Manager of Willem Spoormans NV