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Welcome to the homepage of the Petersime Community!

The community brings an exclusive information medium for all stakeholders: customers, supplier, partners at universities, scientists, employees anyone else involved in or related to our activities.

The community allows to:

  • post suggestions and comments,
  • collect extra information,
  • submit articles,
  • share experiences with other people,
  • join discussion forums...

As a member, you can enhance your incubation knowledge and expertise and set the direction for sustained profitability and personal achievement.

Not a member yet?

Apply for membership now. Fill out your coordinates in the contact form and write "community" in the text entry box on the bottom of the page. It is free!

The community brings you:


Petersime provides a large spectrum of training, publication and didactic tools.


As any professional in incubation and hatchery management, you have many questions on your mind.

Discussion forums

The discussion forums allow every member of the community to open or join a discussion and start sharing information on specific topics related to incubation and hatchery management.


Petersime offers extended support to its customers.