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Operational Excellence Days in Brazil: sharing knowledge and fun

From April 12 until April 14, the Petersime Operational Excellence Days took place in Maringa, Brazil. People from all over the country flocked together to get first-hand information on best practices in the field. It was an opportunity to share knowledge and get an update on the latest trends in incubation.

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Using nature as a reference to optimize welfare and performance

At Petersime, we believe we should use nature as a reference to build incubators and develop technology. A mother hen instinctively knows which conditions her eggs or hatchlings require to optimize their welfare and performance. We believe we should replicate these conditions in the best possible way. Taking this philosophy as a guideline, we bring forward a series of articles related to using nature as a reference to optimize welfare and performance. Sit back, relax, and get caught up in Steve Evans’ observations on the natural instinct to subsist on the remaining yolk sack.

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