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Are you getting the most out of your machines ?

Petersime’s range of single-stage incubators have an advanced, intuitive user interface and autopilot functions. However, the hatchery manager’s expertise will always be essential. The better you know your equipment; the better your hatchery’s results will be and the longer the machines will provide you with peak performance. The Single Stage Incubator Training helps you to maximize your profit.

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Friesen Hatcheries, first hatchery to adopt single stage incubation in Belize

Wedged between Mexico and Guatemala, one finds the tiny and eclectic country of Belize. Since the 18th century this Caribbean gem has been the home of several colonies of Mennonites. Because of their strong entrepreneurial position, they are commonly regarded as the economic motor of Belize. Without having exact numbers, one can easily say that almost all chicken products in Belize are in their hands.

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