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Sneak peek with a drone in the hatchery of Jaguafrangos

What does an ultramodern hatchery look like on the inside? Have a look inside Jaguafrangos’ cutting-edge hatchery in Brazil.

Founded in 1992 in Jaguapitã in Brazil, Jaguafrangos is now one of the biggest poultry companies in the country. Last year, the ultramodern hatchery visible in the video produced its first day-old broiler chicks in August, with excellent hatchability and chick quality from the start. Equipped with BioStreamer™ 24S and 12S setters and BioStreamer™ 8H and 4H hatchers, Jaguafrangos can handle 84 million day-old chicks per year. That is 230,176 chicks per day. Or 799 chicks every five minutes - the time you have spent watching this video.