Fast facts

As world leader in incubation, Petersime is a strong partner who sets the standard in innovation as well as customer service. We design, manufacture and deliver solutions that ensure the best performance, today and for the entire lifetime of the hatchery, maximizing your profit for life

100+ years of incubator innovation

From early incubator innovator to world leader in incubation: a strong reputation built in over 100 years. Continuous investment in R&D and scientific research to further optimize incubation technology and maximize performance

5 main locations, 150 countries

Headquarters in Belgium. 4 Regional Centres on strategic locations in Brazil, Russia, China and Malaysia. Sales and services to customers in over 150 countries. 

€ 100 million turnover

Solid company with a focused operating strategy and a vertically integrated supply chain, controlling every step in the process from manufacturing to distribution. 

2000+ Petersime hatcheries installed worldwide

Serving hatcheries of all types and in all markets. Broiler chicken, layer chicken, turkey and duck hatcheries. Breeding companies. Poultry integrations and independent hatcheries. 

Infinite service

In-region, for-region service strategy to assist customers locally and efficiently, anywhere in the world. Committed service levels to make sure every single customer gets maximum performance out of their Petersime equipment. 

Our vision

At Petersime, we continue to push incubation and hatchery technology forward through unique and innovative solutions, to help feed the world with profitable and sustainable poultry production

Our mission

We are a global market leader who is close to its customers, offering long-lasting, value-added hatchery solutions backed by standout customer service. 

We strive to add value wherever we do business and provide customers with all the solutions, services and expertise they need to maximize their profit for life. By using nature as a reference, we want to continue perfecting the incubation process and deliver animal-friendly solutions that help customers reach maximum performance. By leveraging the power of data and merging intelligent incubator hardware and software, we aim to improve efficiency and maximize performance across the entire poultry value chain. 

Ensuring the best performance, today and for the entire lifetime of the hatchery, to maximize the customer’s profit for life −  that is Petersime’s commitment. Our solutions are available everywhere and can be found in hatcheries around the world

Petersime About Us Story

Our story

The origins of Petersime nv date back to the year 1922, when Mr Ira Petersime invented the very first electric incubator. Explore the milestones that have made Petersime to what it is today and discover our most impactful technological innovations

“From early innovator in 1922 … to world leader in incubation. 500 million chicks are born in Petersime machines every week. Progress never stands still, and neither do we.” 

~Paul Degraeve CEO Petersime
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Intelligent hatchery solutions

Find your way to our solutions

Our engineers use innovative research and technology every day to constantly develop new solutions. Discover Petersime’s full range of intelligent hatchery solutions that maximize your performance and profitability
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