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Maximize your profitability…

... by exploiting your equipment's capabilities

Petersime's setters and hatchers are easy to work with. Our customers quickly discover their advantages.

Maximize your profitability… ... by exploiting your equipment's capabilities

Reduce energy costs

  • Our incubators are hermetically sealed to avoid energy waste due to leakage.
  • Our Embryo-Response Incubation™ and Eco-Drive™ technology considerably reduce energy consumption without affecting hatchability.

Optimize labour efficiency

  • Our user-friendly equipment speeds up work processes.
  • Built-in intelligence reduces the risk of human error.
  • Our sturdy welded trolleys enable hatching eggs to be transported from the farm to the hatchery.
  • Our incubator and hatchery experts assist and train you to streamline your hatchery process.
Because hatching is more than just technology

Maximize production up-time

  • Our equipment is designed for low maintenance costs and minimum down-time.
  • Our 24/7 on line support service with telephone assistance, local agent network, and extranet gives instant worldwide technical and incubation advice to help you get quickly back on track.
  • Our technical documentation comes in more than 10 languages and efficiently guides you to the spare part that you need.
  • We ship almost all spare parts within 48 hours to minimize production down-time.