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Optimize your entire hatchery performance…

... by looking beyond your incubators

To get the most out of your hatchery, you need to look beyond standard solutions. Petersime identifies your exact needs to define a tailor-made solution and then implements it to make your hatchery safer, more efficient and more cost effective.

Optimize your entire hatchery performance… ... by looking beyond your incubators

Start with the right hatchery design

The design of your hatchery largely determines its output. We know what it takes to build a good hatchery, whether it’s a greenfield hatchery or a solution for an existing building. Our dedicated project team designs the ideal hatchery according to your needs and budget and manages the entire project from start to end.

Select the right systems for Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning

Accurate airflow management is crucial for a controlled hatching process. Our experts advise you on the best air handling and air conditioning systems – tailormade by us – for any climate. We also investigate whether heat recovery systems are an economically viable option for you.

Because a hatchery is more than just setters and hatchers

Optimize your workflow with automation and accessories

Excessive manual handling can result in human error and unequal quality. We help you identify opportunities for automated systems and accessories that optimize your workflow: auto egg-turning systems, tray washers, disinfection systems, egg room coolers, water chillers, setter trays and trolleys. All of our systems are compatible with equipment of leading hatchery automation suppliers.