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Technological innovations

At Petersime, we believe that investing in research and development is vital to create new value for our customers. Our people work hard to constantly develop new solutions that support every facet of our customers’ hatchery operations. Explore our innovation timeline and discover our most impactful technological innovations.


Mr Ira Petersime and his son Ray invent the world’s first electric incubator: the Petersime NO.1, a revolution in commercial incubation.

The earliest incubators combine the setting and hatching compartments in one cabinet. Consequently, the same temperature and humidity control conditions are applied throughout the entire incubation process. Later, the setting and hatching process are separated allowing section-specific temperature, ventilation and humidity control.

1922 - 1964

Constantly improving their product, the Petersimes introduce various innovations that perfect the incubation process in many ways:

  • They create a system for precise air movement, ensuring perfect heat, air and moisture diffusion equal to every egg;
  • They perfect the method to automatically turn the eggs;
  • They invent the first incubator that separates the setting compartment from the hatching compartment;
  • They design and develop specific incubators for hatching ducks, turkeys and geese.

Once Petersime nv sets up its own Research and Development department in Olsene (Zulte), Belgium, the list of innovations grows steadily. In the mid-fifties, Petersime presents its first ‘Belgian original’, the Bohmatic.


Petersime releases the Big John, a pioneering incubator that soon becomes the industry standard. Every Big John is standard equipped with a fully automatic cooling and humidity system. The special heating system ensures precise temperature adjustments. The dissipated energy of the motor is used as a heat source, which lowers the overall electricity consumption. All these features and benefits turn Big John into the flagship product of Petersime.


Petersime introduces the Petersime 69 setter, an ‘all-in all-out’ setter specifically developed to improve hygiene in the hatchery. This single-stage setter allows all eggs to be set together. A better biosecurity is guaranteed as it can be easily cleaned between two incubation cycles.


With its total capacity of 57,600 eggs, the Petersime 576 setter is specially designed to handle large egg volumes more easily. This new setter comes with the world’s first digital controller, a microprocessor-based incubator control system. An advanced hatchery control network connects the digital 576 setter to the hatchery manager’s personal computer, a crucial step towards the digitalisation of hatchery processes.


Petersime presents its innovative Petersime Cleanway 192 hatcher for increased biosecurity. The controller is positioned separately from the hatcher, which ensures a clear and simple design of the hatcher and easy cleaning to reach the highest hygiene standards.


The Petersime 1152 setter is Petersime’s new large-capacity multi-stage setter. The 1152 setter has four rows of trolleys instead of two, doubling the 576 setter’s capacity from 57,600 to 115,200 eggs. This becomes the new standard for large-volume hatcheries.

Another novelty is Petersime’s Vision controller which is backed up by the powerful VisionLink hatchery management system. This system offers real-time programming and monitoring of incubators via a network, marking yet another first in the industry. 


Petersime’s next innovation is the AirStreamer™, a brand-new single-stage incubator based on two fundamental ideas:
1. Uniformity of air distribution within a perfectly sealed environment;
2. Constant online monitoring and managing of embryo behaviour with the newly developed Embryo-Response Incubation™ technology.

This unique incubation technology mimics the natural behaviour of the mother hen and constantly and interactively adapts the incubation parameters to create the optimum environment for each specific batch of eggs.


Petersime develops the BioStreamer™, a new-generation single-stage incubator whose technological advancements focus on maximum hatchability, superior chick quality and uniformity, and minimum operational costs.


Petersime’s first Re-Store incubator is introduced to the market in 2014. This unique incubator precisely applies heat treatment cycles to restore the viability of stored eggs. Furthermore, Re-Store offers a simplified planning, which makes egg management much easier. Today, this solution shows its effectiveness in many hatcheries around the world with different egg species and varying egg ages.

The same year, Petersime launches its High Density (HD) incubator, engineered to further minimise the investment cost of a hatchery project. HD setters and hatchers can house 12% more eggs, while keeping the same footprint and delivering the same high level of healthy birds after hatch compared to a standard single-stage incubator.


Petersime introduces Chick-Store, a solution that is specifically designed to automatically deliver the perfect chick holding environment, guaranteeing day-old chicks will retain outstanding quality and performance, and feel comfortable. Furthermore, Chick-Store offers more flexible logistics and full traceability of all important storage parameters. 


Petersime launches the X-Streamer™, the world’s first intelligent incubator that turns data into maximum hatchery performance. The X-Streamer™ knows which eggs are on board and uses this knowledge to help customers maximise incubation performance, while minimising operational costs. Together with the Eagle Trax™ cloud-based data solution, the range is a milestone for digitalisation in the hatchery.