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Social responsibility

At Petersime, we fully recognize our responsibility for the environment, employees and customers and we strive to impact all of them in a positive way.

Petersime considers its employees as its most important resource and therefore offers them the opportunity to develop their talents in a healthy and safe environment. Our Human Resource team selects, retains and encourages our people to reach the best of their capabilities through a system of target-setting and feedback.

What's more, our products are designed for optimum energy efficiency and help to reduce the ecological footprint of our customers. This is obtained by installing incubators with sealed cabinets, highly efficient motors featuring Eco-Drive™ technology and heat recovery systems. Our infrastructure, including our production facilities, our methodologies and our way of working are aimed at keeping our impact on the environment to a minimum.

In this way, Petersime contributes to the general welfare of our current employees and customers and to sustaining the welfare of the future world.