What makes us Petersime

Once a small incubator company, Petersime has grown into a pioneer within the poultry industry. Passionate about what we do since 1922, we are always looking for new ways to innovate our solutions and services and stand by customers as an all-round partner.

Petersime is based in Olsene (Belgium), where we develop and produce our high-quality incubators and technologies to be delivered worldwide. In our mission to help customers achieve their business goals and offer them an integrated experience, starting from initial project design to extensive after-sales services, the people at our Headquarters join forces with a network of experienced experts and engineers located around the world.

500 million chicks are born in Petersime machines every week. Find out how you can work and grow together with us to feed the world!

Make a positive impact

When you work at Petersime, you contribute to the global food industry. As a leading innovator in hatchery solutions with an experience of over 100 years in our niche, we make a huge impact in helping to feed the world with profitable and sustainable poultry production.

Enjoy personal growth and improvement

We want our employees to maximize their potential in our international culture of respect and focus on quality. By offering numerous growth and training opportunities, we encourage you to achieve your personal and professional goals.

Focus on strong partnership

At Petersime, you will work together every day with coworkers with all types of skills, located at our Headquarters in Belgium and at the Regional Centres in Brazil, China, Malaysia and Russia. We have a strong network of experienced specialists located around the world, as well as enjoy long-term research partnerships with the University of Leuven (KU Leuven) and other leading academic institutions.

Feel welcome in our warm nest

Your expertise makes all the difference. Whether you have an engineering, (bio)technical or commercial background, you are an operator, specialist or student…, we highly value a smooth on-boarding of new employees and can’t wait to welcome you at Petersime. Are you who we are looking for?
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>350 employees
whose daily focus is to innovate and work together
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>40 nationalities
representing Petersime worldwide
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150 countries
where Petersime & our partners are at the customer’s service
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Ready to take the leap?

Maximize your potential at Petersime

Driven by our people who each have a unique skill set and are present all around the world, our expertise is what makes Petersime stand out. As proud world leader in incubation, we are passionate about innovating and growing together. Are you up for it?

From early innovator to global market leader


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