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Aviagen greenfield parent stock hatchery in just two years

Aviagen greenfield parent stock hatchery in just two years

Aviagen's new hatchery at Hilbersdorf was up and running in less than two years. To achieve this impressive feat, Aviagen decided to co-operate with experts in the field. The company asked Petersime to help turn its initial idea into a feasible concept and provide it with a fully customized incubation and ventilation system, meeting all current Aviagen standards.

Starting an ambitious project

In July 2007, Aviagen, the world's leading poultry breeding company, decided to build a greenfield parent stock hatchery on a strategic location. The choice fell on Hilbersdorf in Eastern Germany. Its low density of poultry in the region and the presence of airports for chick transport seemed ideal. Leon Vogels, Regional GP Manager of Aviagen EPI, was part of the project team: “The advantage of building a new facility is that you can incorporate all your wishes and ideas to create the ideal hatchery. But realizing such an ambitious project is not so easy. That’s why Aviagen decided to seek the advice of experts in the field.”

Relying on experts

After an intense internal study, Aviagen decided to work with Petersime as company of choice for the incubation equipment and ventilation system. Leon Vogels: “We first asked Petersime to translate our ideas in a practical and feasible incubation concept. We trusted their extensive knowledge of the entire incubation process to develop a customized solution. Aviagen’s good experience with the company in the Danish Baekke hatchery also bolstered our confidence. And, of course, their competitive prices were a welcome bonus.”

Closely involving suppliers

Construction started in August 2008, after locating a suitable plot and obtaining the required permits. Thanks to meticulous planning, the construction and start-up was finished on time. “Like all other key suppliers, Petersime played a crucial role in the success of the project,” says Leon Vogels. “They supplied the heart of the hatchery: the custom-made incubators and the ventilation system. The construction was finished in January 2009 and the first chicks were already hatched in March 2009. Creating one of the largest parent stock hatcheries in the world within two years, that’s something to be proud of.”