After finalizing two large-scale turnkey projects in cooperation with Petersime last year, Fujian Sunnzer Biological Technology Development Co., Ltd plans its further expansion with the establishment of a new GP broiler hatchery in 2021. 

hatchery project

Project info

Year: 2020
Company name: Fujian Sunnzer
Company name:
Fujian Sunnzer
Country: China
Type of fowl: (Great) Grandparent
Type of fowl:
(Great) Grandparent

Focus on integrity, quality and service

In 2020, Petersime and Fujian Sunnzer completed and commissioned two turnkey broiler hatcheries in Guangze County (Fujian Province) in Southeast China. 

The brand-new hatcheries have a combined machine capacity of 75 BioStreamer™ setters and 21 hatchers and are each equipped with Petersime’s advanced Embryo-Response Incubation™ technology. We also designed and installed the entire HVAC structure and full monitoring and alarm systems. 

Whereas the first hatchery produces day-old chicks from grandparent (GP) generation poultry, the other focuses on the supply of day-old chicks from great grandparent (GGP) flock. Fujian Sunnzer strives to provide a new broiler flock of ‘Sunnzer 901’ birds in the Chinese market and has been engaged in breeding experiments for several years. To do so, the company has chosen Petersime to reach the highest product quality and hatchery performance

Mr Xiao Fan, president of Fujian Sunnzer Biological Technology Development, commented: “After building our first GP hatchery in 2011, the main reason why we wanted to work with Petersime again is product quality. The products are designed to keep biosecurity at a very high level. Moreover, there was the possibility to install a special type of incubator in our GGP hatchery. Even more importantly, Petersime focuses on integrity, quality and service. This is in line with Fujian Sunnzer’s policy and allows us to supply top-quality day-old-chicks to win our customers’ trust.” 

For this recent collaboration, Petersime’s promise to Fujian Sunnzer was to simultaneously build two turnkey hatcheries and finish the projects together. As part of the projects, Petersime delivered a professional custom design and installation support to make sure both the GP and GGP hatchery reach top-level biosecurity. We also offered comprehensive on-site training during the process. 

hatchery project
Fujian Sunnzer’s team at the GP hatchery for the first egg setting.

Next hatchery project in the cards for Fujian Sunnzer and Petersime

After a fruitful cooperation of over ten years, Fujian Sunnzer and Petersime have launched another turnkey project in 2021. The GP broiler hatchery will add a total machine capacity of 75 incubators, including Petersime’s new intelligent single-stage incubator, X-Streamer™, the Eagle Trax™ software and a tailor-made HVAC installation. 

In addition to trusting in the paramount quality of Petersime’s equipment, Fujian Sunnzer highly values our accessibility to technical and incubational support, such as locally organized training sessions and spare parts supply

hatchery project
The Petersime team at Fujian Sunnzer’s GP hatchery during commissioning. L-R: Hugo De Ruyck (Sales Director Asia), Sandy Qi (General Manager Petersime China), Yanni Ju (Field Service Engineer), Carlo Arines (Field Service Engineer).
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