French poultry company Galina-Perrot chooses Petersime for an extensive hatchery upgrade with more modern single-stage incubation equipment. The addition of 150 BioStreamer™ incubators, the latest phase in the project, will be completed in 2022. 

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Project info

Year: 2021
Company name: Galina-Perrot
Company name:
Country: France
Type of fowl: Broiler
Type of fowl:

Galina-Perrot’s partnership with Petersime and CIDAPE, French distributor for Petersime incubators and equipment, goes back to the broiler hatchery’s start-up in the 1960s. 

After using conventional incubators to supply day-old chicks for almost 50 years, Galina-Perrot introduced its first single-stage AirStreamer™ incubators into operation in 2008. The following decade, the hatchery would add several BioStreamer™ setters and hatchers. Comparing the results of both incubation concepts confirmed the customer’s intuition that switching from conventional incubators to AirStreamer™ and BioStreamer™ would bring the hatchery multiple benefits, such as higher chick quality and hatchability, and much more

Mr Ali Hamiroufou, Head of Hatchery Operations at Galina-Perrot, said: “With Petersime’s BioStreamer™ incubators, we have been able to fine-tune and substantially improve our incubation processes. They also proved to be more energy-efficient than our conventional machines.” 

By 2017, one third of Galina-Perrot’s machine capacity consisted of single-stage Petersime incubators. To further optimize the entire hatchery’s technical performance and chick quality, the customer has decided to replace the remaining conventional incubation equipment and has chosen to work with us again to achieve the best possible hatchery results. 

Mr Hamiroufou: “For us, partnering with Petersime and CIDAPE means continuous support. The technical and technological innovations of Petersime’s incubators, more specifically the easy operation and maintenance, and availability of spare parts speak to us. We especially appreciate the responsiveness in case technical support is needed and the expert advice from Petersime’s incubation specialists.” 


Buying partner for used hatchery equipment

By next year, the installation of 78 BioStreamer™ 12S setters and 72 4H hatchers will be completed. Petersime and CIDAPE also offer the additional service to take over customers’ current inventory of used incubators. The upgrade to the newer generation of incubators is organized in phases, enabling Galina-Perrot to remain operational in every step of the renovation plan. 

Mr Hamiroufou continues: “We have seen a clear improvement in the hatchery’s productivity, which, in turn, has enabled us to reinforce our position in the French poultry market.” 

As a member of the European agri-food group LDC, Galina-Perrot’s current production capacity is 2.85 million day-old chicks per week. 

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