Saudi Arabian poultry company Golden Chicken has expanded its broiler hatchery in Shaqra with Petersime’s latest X-Streamer™ incubator solution. Being the third hatchery project in partnership with Petersime, the extension has added 48 million eggs to the company’s yearly total production capacity. 

hatchery project

Project info

Year: 2022
Company name: Golden Chicken
Company name:
Golden Chicken
Country: Saudi Arabia
Saudi Arabia
Type of fowl: Broiler
Type of fowl:
Additional capacity: 48 million eggs/year
Additional capacity:
48 million eggs/year

After Golden Chicken was founded in 1981, the partnership with Petersime started two years later with the installation of a first turnkey broiler hatchery in Tebrak. In 2016, we joined forces again to build a second turnkey hatchery in Shaqra, Saudi Arabia. The company has since then mainly focused on increasing the production capacity of its hatcheries and the recent expansion has more than doubled that capacity from 32.6 million to 80.6 million eggs set per year

The latest installation included 30 single-stage X-Streamer™ setters and 20 X-Streamer™ hatchers, bringing the hatchery’s incubator intelligence and performance to the next level. Petersime also adjusted and expanded the HVAC system

The challenge to successfully increasing the production capacity was to extend the hatchery operation and at the same time maintain the right workflow despite the limitations of the existing building. The hatchery project was guided from A to Z by Petersime’s team of technical and incubational experts: They ensured that an optimum workflow of the hatchery was included early on in the design phase and later in the execution. The installation was completed with close attention to Golden Chicken’s business requirements and goals for start-up, proving Petersime to be a reliable hatchery partner. 

“Once again, Petersime has delivered more than what was promised,” said Eng. Abdulwahed Alobaed, COO at Golden Chicken. “We found trust in the team for a smooth project execution and all-round support during the start-up of our expanded hatchery.” 

Having previously operated BioStreamer™ incubators, it was the company’s first experience with X-Streamer™. Thanks to the right support offered on site, the Golden Chicken team quickly got acquainted with the machines. The first egg setting early December resulted in good hatchability results of up to 91%. 

hatchery project
Thanks to the right support offered by Petersime, the Golden Chicken team quickly got acquainted with the newly installed X-Streamer™ machines. 

Golden Chicken also installed 5 X-Streamer™ Chick-Store machines to create the optimum storage environment for their day-old chicks and gain logistic flexibility. 

Dr Baraa Al Baroudi, Production Director at Golden Chicken, commented: “We are very satisfied with how the Chick-Store allows us to have more flexibility in the logistics and transport of our day-old chicks, while maintaining excellent chick quality.” 

The company’s long-term goal is to reach a yearly production capacity of 150 million broiler chicks within the next 4 years, aligned with the governmental Saudi Vision 2030 to become self-sufficient in industrial poultry meat production. 

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