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Hatchery expansion at Incubandina: “Peace of mind thanks to Petersime’s agile local services”

Hatchery expansion at Incubandina: “Peace of mind thanks to Petersime’s agile local services”

In the second phase of its collaboration with Petersime and Avicorp, Ecuadorian poultry company Incubandina has expanded its hatchery’s setting capacity with an additional 350,000 eggs per week.

Founded in the Ambato canton of Ecuador in 1992, Incubandina was established by a group of poultry farmers who joined forces to produce day-old chicks for the same partners. Today, the company’s focus is on the production and supply of Lohmann and H&N layer chicks.

In search of maximum efficiency, Incubandina decided to expand its hatchery with a combination of top-of-the-range single-stage incubators, advanced HVAC and automation solutions to achieve the best results. Petersime designed the expanded hatchery’s layout as a turnkey project, from electrical plans over air conditioning systems to the specific requirements of the building structure. In the first phase, we delivered a Re-Store machine that restores the viability of the stored eggs at Incubandina. We installed 12 additional BioStreamer™ High Density (HD) setters and 4 HD hatchers, as well as all hatchery equipment, to complement the existing machinery. Avicorp, the official Petersime distributor in Ecuador, was involved in all phases, managing the overall project and generating a perfect synergy between all parties involved.

Javier Corrales, General Manager of Incubandina, commented on the collaboration: “One of the key factors why we wanted to work with Petersime again for the second phase of our project, is its service availability and local technical assistance in Ecuador. We could count on Petersime’s specialised technicians and incubation experts, as well as local distributor Avicorp at all times. They have given us peace of mind by having a technical team readily available to offer any kind of support we might need, in our language and in our own time slot.”

A challenging project goal was that all equipment had to be designed to suit Incubandina’s business interests on one hand, but also the specific requirements in an area with high humidity and temperatures on the other hand. Since the hatchery was already operational, production could not be lowered or paused during the expansion works. Petersime’s experts smoothly adapted and extended the existing building without putting the hatchery’s operations and biosecurity at risk. The newly installed automation solutions in the transfer and chick handling room further optimise the hatchery flow and improve the essential processes in terms of speed, consistency and reliability. After project completion, the hatchery has reached an additional incubation capacity of around 350,000 eggs per week.