Celebrating its fiftieth year of activity in the poultry industry, Venkateshwara Hatcheries, popularly known as Venky’s and one of the largest fully integrated poultry groups in Asia, has completed the expansion of its Nilakottai hatchery to a yearly production capacity of close to 30 million day-old chicks. 

hatchery project

Project info

Year: 2021
Company name: Venkateshwara Hatcheries
Company name:
Venkateshwara Hatcheries
Country: India
Type of fowl: Broiler
Type of fowl:
Capacity: 30 million chicks/year
30 million chicks/year

Venky’s: expertise, experience and strategic collaborations

Founded in 1971 by Dr B.V. Rao, Venkateshwara Hatcheries set out to be a pioneer in the Indian poultry industry by combining expertise and experience in the field with strategic collaborations. 

In 1996, Dr Rao’s daughter, Mrs Anuradha J. Desai, started leading Venkateshwara Hatcheries. In her family’s vision of further growing the corporate group (VH), she established Venco Research & Breeding Farm Pvt. Ltd. Through years of meticulous research and development and collaborations with companies such as Cobb-Vantress, Venky’s distinguished itself in the production of Specific Pathogen-Free (SPF) eggs in India, as well as the breeding of Vencobb strain broilers suited to Indian agroclimatic and management conditions. 

Today, Venky’s hatchery in Nilakottai distributes Vencobb broiler chicks to collaborating farms in the southern Indian states Tamil Nadu and Kerala. Other companies in the VH group cater to diverse specialties within the poultry industry, such as the production of poultry feed and biosecurity products, chicken and egg processing, and much more. 

hatchery project
Mr P.S. Subramanian, Dy General Manager of the Venky’s group, in the newly expanded hatchery.

Increased production capacity for Venky’s Nilakottai hatchery

A well-known brand across India, Venky’s decided to expand its broiler hatchery in Nilakottai (Tamil Nadu province) to fulfil the growing demand in the market. Thanks to this project, the hatchery has doubled its production capacity to 29.8 million day-old chicks per year. 

The flagship hatchery commissioned its first phase in 2014 with 9 BioStreamer™ 24S setters and 6 8H hatchers. Petersime also designed and set up the full HVAC system. The latest expansion was completed in 2021 and doubled this capacity through the installation of an additional 9 24S setters and 6 8H hatchers. We also provided the hatchery with our Eagle Eye™ monitoring software

2021 marks a special year for Venky’s to have completed this project, as the group commemorates its golden jubilee of activity in the poultry industry. Since using BioStreamer™ incubators, Venkateshwara Hatcheries has efficiently achieved superior chick yield and quality. Its day-old chicks’ increasing post-hatch performance has also been widely acknowledged by customers

Mr P.S. Subramanian, Dy General Manager of the Venky’s group, said: “Using Petersime’s BioStreamer™ incubators with Embryo-Response Incubation™ technology in conjunction with the Eagle Eye™ software has transformed our incubation process from a standard functioning one to a customized practice. Partnering with Petersime has significantly benefited our operational efficiency from setting to hatch.” 

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