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Minh Du strengthens its brand with Petersime’s single-stage technology

Minh Du strengthens its brand with Petersime’s single-stage technology

As a specialist in the production of native chicken breeds in Vietnam, Minh Du Poultry Breeding Company Ltd. has modernised and optimised its incubation process with a new state-of-the-art hatchery, adding 6 million day-old chicks per month to its total production capacity.

From family farm to certified breeding company

Minh Du Poultry Breeding Company Ltd., located in the Bình Ðinh province of Vietnam, was founded in 2006. Starting from a family-run breeder farm, owner Mr Le Van Du envisioned an integrated poultry business devoted to the research, selection and creation of high-quality domestic chicken breeds. Today, Minh Du is the largest supplier of 3 hybrid varieties of the native Ga Ri breed in the Vietnamese market.

With more than 30 years of experience in the research on and breeding of native chicken breed strains, Mr Van Du’s dedication and success have not gone unnoticed. Minh Du’s Ga Ri poultry have been certified as a five-star brand in Vietnam. Moreover, the company has been awarded the title of Agricultural Gold Brand and Product and Brand of High Quality by the Vietnamese government.

Striving to bring its distinguished chick quality and productivity to the next level, Minh Du has partnered with Petersime to build a new high-tech single-stage hatchery.

Mrs Truong Thi Sanh (image 1), wife of Minh Du’s owner Mr Le Van Du, and hatchery manager Mr Tran Vinh Quang (image 2) during the first hatch of Minh Du chicks in the new hatchery.

State-of-the-art hatchery for top-level chick quality

To ensure the day-old chicks have the best health, Minh Du’s new hatchery uses Petersime’s advanced incubation technology and equipment to modernise its production flow. Additionally, the company also fosters strong biosecurity measures for optimal chick quality.

In the first phase of the project, overseen from start to finish by Hatchery Project Coordinator Vincent Van der Beken, Petersime delivered and installed 60 single-stage BioStreamer™ 16S setters and 24 8H hatchers. Our Embryo-Response Incubation™ technology creates the optimal incubation environment, while the custom HVAC system controls the climate conditions of the entire hatchery. The Operational Excellence™ controller and Eagle Eye™ software allow Minh Du to easily monitor and control all activity in the setter and hatcher rooms.

The establishment of the new hatchery results in an increased production capacity of over 6 million day-old chicks per month.

The new Minh Du hatchery has a production capacity of over 6 million day-old chicks per month.

Real-time remote and local customer support

Despite the difficulties and insecurities posed by the pandemic, Minh Du appreciates the support by and collaboration with Petersime during and after installation. Mr Le Van Du commented: “Thanks to Petersime’s expertise, as well as the remote and local support provided by Field Service Engineers Boris Matvienko & Anh Duc Nguyen and Global Technical Supervisor Marc Torres, the team could accomplish the hatchery start-up swiftly and safely.”

Our incubation specialists, coordinated by Eric Baesa, are currently also assisting Minh Du in further optimising its incubation profiles. In this ongoing collaboration, Minh Du and Petersime give close attention to the specific incubation nuances for the Ga Ri breed to benchmark the hatchery’s performance for an optimal chick quality and yield.

Did you know…
Petersime always looks for solutions with sustainability in mind? The incubators and hatchery equipment for Minh Du were mainly delivered with a combination of inland shipping and intercontinental sea freight, substantially reducing CO2 emissions compared to road transport.