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Petersime’s first rail freight delivery to the Chinese Shaanxi Haobang Foods

Petersime’s first rail freight delivery to the Chinese Shaanxi Haobang Foods

Petersime has launched a notable turnkey project in partnership with Chinese poultry company Shaanxi Haobang Foods. All equipment is delivered from Europe to the Chinese city of Xi’an by rail freight transport.

Introducing rail freight transport to deliver hatchery projects

The installation of the new broiler hatchery in Xi’an started at the end of 2020. What is most remarkable about this project is that Petersime has transported incubators and hatchery equipment from Europe to China by means of rail freight transport for the first time. The hatchery’s location is 100 kilometres away from the ancient capital of Xi’an. It is in the core position of the One Belt One Road, which made it worthwhile to favour rail transport as the best solution. Railroads were chosen because of higher flexibility and faster delivery as a result of shorter transit times from Petersime’s facilities over Xi’an train station. Additionally, it was the most economical way of transport for the customer, which made it a win-win situation for both Shaanxi Haobong and Petersime.

To celebrate the arrival of the first batch of equipment, Shaanxi Haobang Foods organised a pick-up ceremony together with Petersime at Xi’an station in October (see top image).

Chairman of Shaanxi Haobang Foods, Mr Han Chun Yuan, commented on the special occasion: “Xi'an is the starting point of the ancient Silk Road and an important city in the Belt and Road Initiative. Therefore, we will give full play to Xi'an's geographical and cultural advantages; Xi’an is the core, and its business radiates to the northwest and southwest markets.”

Shaanxi Haobang Foods: a whole industry chain approach

When complete, Shaanxi Haobang Foods’ turnkey project will be equipped with 18 BioStreamer™ High Density (HD) setters and 9 BioStreamer™ HD hatchers, all operated by Operational Excellence Technology™. It also includes Petersime’s Eagle Eye™ and Hatchery Alert System™ for consistent real-time monitoring of the hatchery, and a custom-made HVAC installation.

As a key national leading enterprise in agricultural industrialisation, Shaanxi Haobang Foods concentrates on the development of a whole industry chain project in China. The business currently includes broiler farms, poultry slaughter and food processing, product development and cold chain distribution. Additional to the ongoing hatchery project with Petersime, Shaanxi Haobang Foods is also in the process of expanding its activities with the construction of breeder farms.

Mr Han Chun Yuan: “Providing consumers with safe, nutritious and delicious Haobang food is our corporate spirit. I am honoured to cooperate with Petersime to build Shaanxi Haobang Foods’ first broiler hatchery. Focus on product quality and providing customers with quality services is our common goal.”

Why Shaanxi Haobang Foods chooses Petersime

In the interest of achieving higher hatchability and higher quality chicks by using advanced single-stage technology, Shaanxi Haobang Foods mainly decided to work with Petersime due to our consistent reputation in the Chinese market. Represented by Ms Sandy Qi, the local Petersime service team in Tianjin has ensured good communication and a close follow-up during the entire project development, guaranteeing expert technical and commercial support from the very beginning.

Petersime, in its turn, is pleased to have Shaanxi Haobang Foods as its first hatchery project in Shaanxi Province. “We are confident that the combination of top-notch incubators and equipment with maximum support from our local office in Tianjin will result in another delighted customer in China,” said Hugo De Ruyck, Sales Director Asia at Petersime.