On Friday April 4, Redondos S.A., one of the leading Peruvian poultry companies, celebrated the inauguration of its new hatchery in the town of Supe, near Baranca. The inauguration was organized a week before the first eggs were set, so that invitees could enjoy a guided tour of the brand-new production facilities. 

hatchery project

Project info

Year: 2014
Company name: Redondos S.A.
Company name:
Redondos S.A.
Country: Peru
Type of fowl: Broiler
Type of fowl:
Capacity: 2 million eggs/week
2 million eggs/week

Ing. Murguía, Manager Hatcheries at Redondos S.A.: “We have worked hard to complete this project, together with all our suppliers. We are proud to say that this state-of-the-art hatchery will be the largest facility of its kind in Peru and even one of the largest hatcheries in Latin America.” 

The facility - with a setting capacity of two million eggs per week - is equipped with Petersime’s BioStreamer™ setters and hatchers. Moreover, Petersime’s complete hatchery climate control system has been installed, including heat recovery to minimize the production cost of the day-old-chicks. All processes will be highly automated and meet the highest standards available in the market. 

Julio Favre Arnillas, General Manager of Redondos S.A., said: “With Redondos S.A., we strive to be a leading provider of high-quality food products. This important investment in new incubation technology is yet another proof of our commitment towards the future, investing in our country and creating jobs for our people.” After his speech, he revealed the inauguration plate and broke a bottle of Pisco (a Peruvian type of brandy) to pour over the hatchery, in accordance with Peruvian culture. 

“We sincerely thank Redondos S.A. for the trust in our company and our hatchery solutions. It has been a magnificent job of all parties involved to make this project a big success,” says Petersime’s Director for Latin America, Pieter Hemeryck. “Petersime is increasing its footprint in the Latin American market and will continue to do so by investing in our customers through the further development of our local service network.” 

After a tour of the hatchery, all guests were invited to share a fraternization lunch with delicious Peruvian food and live Criollo music, starting off with Redondo’s tradition of a freshly prepared Pisco Sour to toast to the new hatchery. 

hatchery project
hatchery project
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