As part of Lar Cooperativa Agroindustrial’s aim to master the entire poultry production chain and increase production, the Brazilian company has partnered with Petersime to expand its broiler hatchery in Santa Helena. For this project, Lar has chosen the advanced single-stage X-Streamer™ incubators and Eagle Trax™ hatchery software to further optimize its results. 

hatchery project

Project info

Year: 2022
Company name: Lar Cooperativa Agroindustrial
Company name:
Lar Cooperativa Agroindustrial
Country: Brazil
Type of fowl: Broiler
Type of fowl:
Capacity: 85 million eggs/year
85 million eggs/year

Lar Cooperativa Agroindustrial and Petersime first collaborated in 2017 when its hatchery in Itaipulândia, located in the west region of Brazil and one of the most modern of its kind in the country, was installed and commissioned. This major project created a setting capacity of 85 million hatching eggs per year for the company. 

In the latest hatchery project, Lar has added another yearly production capacity of 85 million eggs with the expansion of its broiler hatchery in Santa Helena. This expansion included the installation of 42 X-Streamer™ 24S HD setters and 21 X-Streamer™ 8H HD hatchers. Petersime has also provided the hatchery with the new Eagle Trax™ cloud-based data solution to boost hatchery efficiency, productivity and chick quality. With Eagle Trax™, Lar can take even better control of its operations and maximize performance across the total value chain, ensuring the best possible quality and a dependable output of healthy, uniform day-old chicks to its customers. 

hatchery project
Lar has chosen the advanced single-stage X-Streamer™ incubators and Eagle Trax™ hatchery software to further optimize its results. 

Lar Cooperativa Agroindustrial, who is widely recognized for its predictable quality and business of integrity, and Petersime have also set up several on-site research studies together, strengthening the ongoing partnership between the companies since its start-up five years ago: 

-    Raised CO2 levels during hatching: a myth debunked 
-    Multi-stage versus single-stage incubation put to the test in a commercial broiler hatchery 

“Working together so closely has allowed us to observe the reliability of Petersime’s technologies and the gains for our operations at first hand,” commented Mr Irineo da Costa Rodrigues, CEO of Lar Cooperativa Agroindustrial. “In addition to the innovation and quality provided in the equipment, we have also found a great ally in Petersime’s team as its professional and swift support aligns with our vision. All this has convinced us that Petersime is the best partner to grow our integration and increase our production capacity.” 

Thanks to the expansion with Petersime’s X-Streamer™ and Eagle Trax™ hatchery solution, Lar has been able to increase production and safeguard strong biosecurity procedures within its own integration. The company successfully builds towards self-sufficiency in each link of the poultry value chain, guaranteeing the highest quality to its customers. 

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