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Shining the spotlight on some successful hatchery projects in Russia

Shining the spotlight on some successful hatchery projects in Russia

As we approach the end of 2020, Petersime looks back on another year of successful hatchery partnerships in all corners of the world. Eager to work on more exciting projects in 2021, we would like to focus on some of this year’s completed hatchery installations in Russia.

Tambov Turkey expands its Petersime single-stage hatchery

Tambov Turkey, part of an international poultry project launched by Cherkizovo Group and Grupo Fuertes, started its hatchery business in the Pervomaisky District of Tambov in 2015. The past five years, the hatchery has gradually expanded its production capacity in two installation phases.

During the first phase, Petersime provided and installed the HVAC equipment, as well as 16 single-stage BioStreamer™ setters and 2 BioStreamer™ hatchers, all of which are operated by the Bio-Iris™ control system.

Mr Oleg Mozheev, hatchery manager at Tambov Turkey, in front of the hatchery’s new Petersime incubators

This year, Petersime completed the installation of 8 additional BioStreamer™ setters and 2 hatchers. We also equipped the hatchery with Eagle Eye™ monitoring software and further expanded the HVAC structure.

“Thanks to a software upgrade to Operational Excellence Technology™ and with support from Petersime’s incubation experts, we have been able to finetune our incubation profiles and improve our hatch results by 2%, as well as the quality of poults in our rearing farm,” said Mr Oleg Mozheev, hatchery manager of Tambov Turkey. “Other benefits are the upgraded cooling and ventilation systems to reduce power consumption, while the newly installed automation solutions significantly reduce manual labour and improve the quality of washing and disinfection in the hatchery.”

After completing the second phase of the project in 2020, Tambov Turkey has increased its production capacity to 85,000 tons of turkey meat per year. Not only does that make the company one of the largest hatcheries in the Tambov region; it is also one of the most modern ones in the Russian Federation, thanks to its almost fully automated production process.

Tambov Turkey’s project manager, Mr Maxim Kulikov: “This year, our hatchery successfully increased its production capacity by 50%.” 

Petersime’s regional team in Moscow closely coordinated the project to ensure fast and easy communication, both with the customer and local suppliers to safeguard timely delivery.

Mr Maxim Kulikov, project manager at Tambov Turkey, commented: “This year, our hatchery successfully increased its production capacity by 50%. We would like to thank the Petersime team for its well-coordinated and high-quality work as a partner in this expansion project.”

Mr Oleg Mozheev also added: "We appreciate Petersime’s continuous improvement of equipment, the technical support and assistance by professional employees throughout the entire activity of our hatchery operation. I would also like to personally thank Anna Nemtseva (Director of Petersime OOO in Moscow), Lubomir Ludik (Global Technical Supervisor), Igor Baryshnikov (Field Service Engineer) and Gamie Gundran (Incubation Consultant) for their help in all steps of the project and especially in relation to incubation technology".

Partner projects with Hartmann, Petersime distributor in Russia

In 2020, Petersime has also accomplished various projects in partnership with Hartmann, the official distributor for Petersime incubators and hatchery equipment in Russia. In this article, we zoom in on two hatchery expansions.

SPK Batyr

Russian poultry company SPK Batyr, located in Khasavyurt (Dagestan region), provides day-old chicks to local poultry farmers, while also being active in the trade of hatching eggs and producing its own poultry meat products.
A little under a decade ago, SPK Batyr launched a large-scale expansion strategy. The company’s general manager, Mr. Ashtar Batyrov, partnered up with Hartmann to upgrade the existing broiler hatchery into a modern facility with state-of-the-art European incubators and technologies.

The local hatchery team at SPK Batyr
Additionally, see top image: view of SPK Batyr’s broiler hatchery

Hartmann has been in charge of the planning and delivery of the expansion project, in cooperation with Petersime. Since 2011, the hatchery has been modernised with the installation of single-stage BioStreamer™ incubators, including Operational Excellence Technology™, and HVAC equipment. Batyr has also introduced automated solutions into its production process, as well as advanced Petersime monitoring software to continually oversee the entire hatchery and react immediately if a local intervention would be needed.

Today, SPK Batyr’s hatchery has a total production capacity of 17 million hatching eggs per year, as the company prepares for its next expansion in 2021.


In April 2020, Kabink commissioned the expansion of its broiler hatchery in Kabardino-Balkaria in Russia.

General manager of the company, Mr Murat Abazov, initiated an upgrade of the existing hatchery with the installation of Petersime’s world-leading single-stage incubators.

Owner and general Manager of Kabink, Mr Murat Abazov

Organised and coordinated by our distributor Hartmann, 12 BioStreamer™ 12S and 8 24S setters, along with 12 BioStreamer™ 8H hatchers were delivered and installed at Kabink. The project also included HVAC and automation solutions in order to finetune the hatchery’s production process.

After finalising its expansion, Kabink now operates a total production capacity of 29 million eggs per year.