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Turkey poult producer Gerczak Nord-Pol boosts its production capacity with Petersime

Turkey poult producer Gerczak Nord-Pol boosts its production capacity with Petersime

Gerczak Nord-Pol Hatchery is one of the most important turkey poult producers in Europe. After having modernised its original hatchery in partnership with Petersime back in 2005, the company has chosen to boost its production capacity in a three-phased approach with incubation equipment and support from Petersime.

From family business to major turkey poult producer

In 1998, Danuta and Anatol Gerczak established a brand-new hatchery from scratch in Laseczno (Warmia-Masuria province) in the northeastern part of Poland. Over the years, Gerczak Nord-Pol Hatchery has grown to be one of the most important turkey poult producing companies, well-known in Poland and abroad. For more than twenty years now, this family business has focused on producing high-quality turkey poults, the creation of its own turkey parent stock in 2013 being the most significant milestone.

To ensure the quality of its turkey poults, Gerczak Nord-Pol decided to partner with Petersime in 2005, convinced by our deep knowhow in the special field of turkey egg incubation. Because of this rewarding previous experience, the company has chosen to collaborate with us once again on the expansion of the Laseczno hatchery.

Petersime incubators Gerczak Nord-Pol turkey hatchery

Petersime incubators Gerczak Nord-Pol turkey hatchery

Gerczak Nord-Pol has expanded its Laseczno hatchery with Petersime’s BioStreamer™ incubators to reach a total production capacity of 16 million turkey hatching eggs per year.

Renewed partnership with Petersime on hatchery expansion

Gerczak Nord-Pol Hatchery has decided to expand its facilities in Laseczno in a three-phased approach:

  • The first phase, completed in 2020, included the installation of 16 single-stage BioStreamer™ 4TS setters, 6 4TH hatchers, all controlled with Operational Excellence Technology™, and a custom-built HVAC system for the fumigation room, setter room, transfer room and hatcher room.
  • The second phase of the expansion started in March 2021, when another 8 BioStreamer™ 4TS setters and 2 4TH hatchers were delivered. In addition, the HVAC system was extended to include a second setter room. On April 19, the first setting was completed successfully.
  • The third and final phase involved the addition of 6 extra BioStreamer™ 4S setters end of June 2021.

Mr Jaroslaw Gerczak, owner of Gerczak Nord-Pol Hatchery, said: “Petersime is a reliable partner for our hatchery, as already proven for many years: top incubation technology on one hand; great real-time technical or incubational support on the other hand. We particularly appreciate the assistance Renos Xanthakis provided in the pre-execution phase, as our single point of contact who helped plan and coordinate the entire project from A to Z.” He added: “The installation, supervision, training and incubation assistance by Tomasz Wasilewski and his superior, Marius Munteanu, as well as by Mohamed Subhi Ahmed were highly evaluated and contributed to a professional and fast execution of the project. The professionalism of Petersime’s engineers working on automation and HVAC solutions also meets very high standards.”

Thanks to the completion of this project, bringing Gerczak Nord-Pol’s total production capacity to 16 million turkey hatching eggs per year, the brand is bound to further strengthen its position in the market as an integrated poult producer.