Maximizing the genetic potential that is inside the eggs, delivered by its own breeding activities. That is what Vibra Group, one of the market leaders in poultry breeding and production in Brazil, is striving for.

hatchery project

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Year: 2018
Company name: Vibra Group
Company name:
Vibra Group
Country: Brazil
Type of fowl: Broiler
Type of fowl:

Incubation plays a crucial role in unlocking this genetic potential. For that reason, Vibra Group has invested in qualitative equipment for its hatchery in Coronel Vivida, Parana. No less than 62 Petersime BioStreamer™ HD incubators will do the job. By mimicking nature, these setters and hatchers will get the most out of the eggs and deliver the best-performing chicks

However, the hatchery manager’s expertise will always be indispensable. The better you know your equipment, the better your hatchery’s results will be and the longer the machines will provide you with peak performance. This is where Petersime’s services and training programmes come in handy. 


Founded by a family-run group of entrepreneurs

The history of Vibra Group goes far beyond its more than 25 years of existence. This innovative organization is the result of an entrepreneurial family starting its activities in agriculture in 1934. This turned out to be a howling success. As a result, its partners and managers have been a global reference in aviculture and food production since 1970. 

Today still, Vibra Group aims to be recognized for producing food and parent stock with excellence. The company operates in two segments, directly linked with its production chain: the genetic multiplication of Agrogen and Cobb parent stock on one hand, and the production and commercialization of chicken meat with brand names nat. and Ávia on the other hand. This way, Vibra Group has a total control of the entire production chain, which ensures an optimal product quality. 


The hatchery: a crucial part of the value chain

Vibra Group believes the hatchery is an extremely important part of the process, as it is responsible for approximately 40% of the chicken’s life. In the 21 days of incubation, the company is committed to maintaining all genetic potential that is embedded in its product. That is why having the best equipment and keeping in line with the latest trends and developments makes sense. 

hatchery project
hatchery project

Hatchery Manager Robson da Silva states: “Thanks to the cooperation with Petersime, we have already improved our hatch rates and chick performance. Now we are working together with their experts to tackle other challenges so we can achieve our main goal and improve our chicken breeding rates as well.” 

“What is really satisfying about our partnership with Petersime is knowing that we have the potential to continuously improve our incubation processes and technologies. The company pays attention to the latest trends in the market and constantly aims to improve the equipment,” Robson da Silva continues. 

He is convinced that investing in new technologies is essential to simplify incubation processes adapted to the needs of the genetics of the chicken breed. According to him, this project perfectly fits the culture of the Vibra Group: “Making it better is our way of doing it”. 

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