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Go for long-term economic returns…

... by selecting future proof solutions

Petersime equipment allows you to continuously upgrade your hatchery performance by incorporating the latest innovations and business model developments. It also comes with continuous support, from day one to the end of its service lifetime.

Go for long-term economic returns… ... by selecting future proof solutions

Ensure a long life for your equipment

Our equipment is designed to have a long life without worries. We select components and materials that are suited for intense utilisation and highly resistant to wear and tear.

Keep your equipment up to date

Innovation is vital for your hatchery to stay ahead of your competitors. That's why Petersime ensures that its new technologies and tools are compatible with existing equipment. When new incubation parameters emerge, your equipment's software and hardware can be upgraded, keeping you up to date.

Because your hatchery deserves a secure future

Prolong the life of your equipment

Technology evolves at break-neck speed, so it's crucial to have suppliers that help you maintain your equipment on a continual basis.

  • Our incubators have a versatile design to cope with current and future modern and high yield breeds.
  • We supply spare parts or develop interchangeable assemblies in case of obsolescence to ensure that your equipment remains operational for its entire service life. We always seek the most economical solution for each situation.
  • We have a stringent quality control system to supervise the production of all components you may need.
  • Our technical experts in our Parts Repair Centre conduct in-house repair and testing for electronic printed circuit boards or sensors to guarantee the longest possible service life of your equipment.