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Hatch more and better quality chicks…

... by listening to your embryo

Who is best placed to recognize the right environment for producing high-quality chicks? The embryo, of course. So why force an embryo to adapt to its environment when you can make the environment fit around the embryo?

Hatch more and better quality chicks… ... by listening to your embryo

Create the optimal hatching environment

Modern breeds demand a lot from your incubation equipment. Petersime incubators create the ideal biosphere for your hatching eggs in accordance with the latest single-stage incubation methodologies.

How? By isolating them from all undesirable external influences and variations.

Result: complete control over your entire incubation process.

Moreover, our Embryo-Response Incubation™ technology interactively or automatically optimizes the incubation environment for each batch of eggs continuously.

How? By monitoring on line the bio-response of the developing embryo such as egg shell temperature, CO2 output, or egg weight loss.

Result: improved chick quality and uniformity, increased weight, higher slaughter yield.

Because hatching is a fine art

Let your chicks hatch simultaneously

Our Synchro-Hatch™ system enables you to control the moment of pipping and hatching.

How? By initiating a sequence of modifications to the ambient temperature, CO2 and humidity conditions, based on the hatching cycle of the chick.

Result: reduced hatch window, uniform chicks and enhanced chick quality.