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First Almarai hatchery inaugurated and running

First Almarai hatchery inaugurated and running

Almarai Company, one of the world’s largest food producing companies, and Petersime have finished the construction and installation of a brand new hatchery unit in Saudi Arabia. After the official opening on January 25th, the hatchery is now fully operational, while construction of a second hatchery, which will be identical to the first one, has started.

First Almarai hatchery: a real showcase

The weekly setting capacity of the new hatchery amounts to 2,764,800 eggs. But the hatchery is not only one of the largest in the world, it is also one of the most modern. Virtually every phase in the hatching process, from start to finish, is fully automated: egg transfer from farm trolleys to setter trolleys, loading and unloading of trays, egg candling, egg fumigation, chick counting, washing of trays, baskets and trolleys, etc.

All incubators, automation equipment, and HVAC systems have been delivered and installed by Petersime. “So far we have enjoyed an extremely effective cooperation with the Petersime Project department. We are proud of the result and are looking forward to finishing the next hatchery. The two hatcheries are a key phase in the development of our entire poultry producing division,” says Mr John Traynor, Construction Projects Manager of the Farming Division of Almarai Company.

A vertically integrated poultry production chain

The hatchery is part of Almarai’s new and completely integrated poultry division, which was launched in 2009. The chicks produced in the hatcheries will be transferred to Almarai’s growing farms: 800 farms in total, half of which have already been built.

The food for these broiler chickens will be produced by Almarai itself: a new feed mill is under construction. It will produce an astonishing 80 tons of chicken feed an hour.

Lastly, construction of Almarai’s new slaughterhouse is being finalized at the moment, with a projected capacity of 36,000 chickens being slaughtered, processed and packed an hour. The finished chicken products will then be transported to the Almarai distribution centre by means of one of Almarai’s 2,000 trucks.

The finished chicken products will be distributed to the market under the quality brand Alyoum, which means ‘today’ in Arabic.

Almarai: an impressive story of expansion and modernisation

Almarai started out in 1979, when Chairman HH Prince Sultan bin Mohammed bin Saud al Kabeer started modernizing the production and processing of dairy products. In the early 90s, these activities were centralized and expanded, enabling Almarai to become a low cost producer in the region.

Numerous investments in technology and human resources followed. By now, Almarai serves 43,500 customers within the six Arab states of the Gulf (Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Kuwait, Bahrain and Oman). In 2005, Almarai became a publicly listed company with over 70,000 stakeholders by now.

From 2007 onwards, Almarai has been expanding its product range: first with bakery products, and later with poultry. In addition, the company has recently entered the branch of infant nutrition.

We would like to thank Almarai for its confidence in Petersime and its effective cooperation in building one of the most splendid hatcheries in the world.