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Ningxia Xiaoming Agriculture cooperates with Petersime for new layer hatchery

Ningxia Xiaoming Agriculture cooperates with Petersime for new layer hatchery

Ningxia Xiaoming Agriculture & Animal Husbandry Co., Ltd is located in Yinchuan city, China. They have selected Petersime as partner to build a new modern layer hatchery in Henan Lankao in 2016. This hatchery’s yearly setting capacity will reach 80 million eggs.

Xiaoming Agriculture ordered 36 BioStreamer™ 24S HD setters and 18 BioStreamer™ 8H HD hatchers with air handling system for optimum hatchery conditions. The new hatchery will start to operate in 2016 which will bring Xiaoming Agriculture’s entire yearly output capacity up to 100 million female day-old chicks.

Mr. Wei XiaoMing, Chairman of Xiaoming Agriculture appraises: “We chose to cooperate with Petersime in order to focus on the future of a large-scale, intensive, modern layer industry. Future customers are not only the commercial breeders, but also food safety producers. Food safety is a company’s basic social responsibility. The demands of the future poultry industry are more than just breeding chicks; they require healthy, strong and high quality chicks. Petersime is an international supplier of single stage incubators and has a good international reputation. Their high quality products and high bio-security design are in line with Xiaoming Agriculture’s production management as well as with the bio-security and food safety requirements. The turnkey solution enables us to follow the pace of the agricultural modernization of China’s livestock industry and to meet the demands for high-quality day-old chicks and to create value for our high-end customers.”

Mr. Han Xiaofeng, Hatchery General Manager; Mr. Wei Xiao Ming, Chairman; Mrs. Sandy Qi, Petersime Chief Representative

About Ningxia Xiaoming Agriculture& Animal Husbandry Co., Ltd

Ningxia Xiaoming Agriculture & Animal Husbandry Co., Ltd was founded in 1993. They produce parent stock and commercial day-old layer chicks. 

Xiaoming consists of grandparent and parent breeder farms, layer technology R&D, hatcheries, sales and technical services. In Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region they have built two modern standardized ecological farming bases, twelve parent stock farms, two grandparent farms and four large-scale hatcheries located in Yinchuan, Xinjiang Changji, Henan Lankao and Jilin Dehui. Xiaoming Agriculture was the industry’s first New Three Board listed company.