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Airflow management inside a hatchery building is of the utmost importance. Petersime's Project Department has over 45 years of experience in designing and installing tailor-made hatchery air handling and air conditioning systems for the most varied climates. 

Petersime believes that there is no single, standard solution for HVAC: each system needs to be custom-made to suit prevailing conditions. For instance, hatcheries in hot, humid climates require an air conditioning system with cooling water or direct expansion cooling. On the other hand, evaporative cooling is ideal in dry conditions. Where energy is expensive, heat recovery units reduce the running costs.

Even within one single hatchery, different climate control systems are needed for different areas. In addition, the hatchery air handling system must be designed to suit the specific needs of incubation - it must be easy to clean and provide the correct volume of fresh air.


Both the traditional 'fixed air volume' ventilation systems and the more energy efficient Petersime Pressure Control (PPC) have been installed in single-stage and multi-stage hatcheries throughout the world.

Petersime Pressure Control™ System

Heat recovery systems

A heat recovery system can yield considerable savings in two main ways. The first is to use a cross plate heat exchanger to recover the heat from the setter room’s exhaust air and use it to warm up the incoming air.

Principle of a cross plate heat recovery system

The second is to recover the heat from the hot water side of the chiller – for hatcheries that employ water cooling with a chiller system – and use it to pre-heat the incoming air in the air conditioning unit.

Cooling water heat recovery