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X-Streamer™ Re-Store

Long egg storage times in hatcheries are often unavoidable because of logistics, market conditions, variable order sizes, etc. If these storage times exceed 7 days, however, losses in hatchability and chick quality become inevitable. On top of that, incubation time will increase and post-hatch performance will suffer. Petersime has developed the long-awaited answer to this problem: the X-Streamer™ Re-Store. This incubator warms up the eggs for short periods of time during storage, restoring a significant part of the hatch decrease.


Machine features and benefits

  • The X-Streamer™ Re-Store is a 12-trolley machine with a capacity of 57,600 or 64,512 eggs.
  • It is equipped with more heating capacity than an X-Streamer™ setter to ensure swift and controlled heating of the stored eggs.
  • The X-Streamer™ Re-Store also has an increased number and diameter of cooling coils. As a result, the eggs can be cooled gradually to a temperature level that allows to place the eggs back in the egg holding room without disturbing the temperature there.

X-Streamer™ Re-Store: in practice

Re-Store heat treatment cycle

  1. Fertile eggs that are stored for a longer period of time are transferred from the egg holding room to the Re-Store incubator.
  2. The first phase of the program consists of a gradual warming-up of these eggs from egg holding room temperature to a temperature above the physiological zero. Thanks to OvoScan™, the warming-up can be done in a very precise and controlled way.
  3. This temperature is sustained during several hours.
  4. The air temperature inside the Re-Store is gradually lowered again.
  5. As soon as the eggs reach egg storage temperature, they can be transferred back to the egg holding room.

The heat treatment program may be repeated several times, depending on the total storage time. All values and set points can be adjusted by the hatchery manager to optimize the process according to the specific needs of the batch of eggs.

The gains in hatchability are substantial, and increasingly so as the eggs are stored longer. What’s more, significant improvements have been recorded in terms of chick quality and post-hatch performance.


X-Streamer™ Re-Store 12S