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The OvoScan™ system adjusts the temperature of the embryo environment by controlling the egg shell temperature.


Chicks that are hatched at the optimum temperature show extraordinary performance. With the patented OvoScan™ system, the incubator temperature is continuously adjusted in response to the actual egg shell temperature. This enables the constant creation of the desired/optimum embryonic temperature and precisely controls the rate of the metabolic development of the embryo.

OvoScan™ creates the optimum environment for any batch of eggs, whatever the size, age or genetic content of the hatching eggs.

The OvoScan™ feature minimizes embryonic mortality and optimizes hatchability. Top-quality day-old chicks also guarantee significant improvements in post-hatch performance (liveability, growth and Feed Conversion Ratio).

OvoScan™ is a standard feature on all X-Streamer™ setter models.