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Avinash Group (Nepal) reinforces its belief in Petersime and its BioStreamer™ yet again

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After experiencing perceptible shortening of the hatch window and fuelled by the positive feedback on the performance of the broilers from the growing farms, Avinash Group, Nepal, relies again on the Petersime BioStreamer™ incubators for the enlargement of its hatchery. ‘They have to be BioStreamer™ setters and hatchers.’

Narrow hatch window, several advantages

‘I wanted to stick to Petersime AirStreamers™ for my first expansion,’ Mr Guna Chandra Bista recounts. ‘Petersime persuaded me to install BioStreamer™ hatchers at least, if I did not want to consider BioStreamers™ for the whole project. This turned out to be a very wise choice.

We noticed a shorter hatch window from the very first hatch in Petersime BioStreamer™ hatchers, back in 2012. That gave us several advantages: the day-old chicks were not dehydrated, we counted more chicks because our hatchability rate increased by 2 to 3%, they were more uniform, and of much better quality in comparison. Moreover, we noticed a significant drop in post-hatch mortality and an improved FCR on the farms. This made our clients and us very happy.’

Avinash Hatchery now expands its operation to meet with the growing demand for day-old-chicks. ‘In light of our wonderful experience, we made the simple choice of Petersime BioStreamer™ without hesitation. They have to be BioStreamer™ setters and hatchers.’

With the current expansion, production will be doubled, from the current 24 million to 48 million day-old chicks a year. Avinash Hatchery will maintain its numero uno hatchery status in the country in the production and sale of broiler and layer day-old chicks.

Acclaim for Avinash Poultry from out-grower customers

The Avinash Group is renowned in Nepal and beyond its borders for its activities in all facets of poultry farming and for initiating modern and scientific farming in the land of the Himalayas. Led admirably by Mr Guna Chandra Bista (fondly called Swami ji in Nepal), who commands notice for his personality, a flowing beard, long locks of hair, a cowboy hat and resonating tone, the poultry industry in Nepal has made quick and long strides into modernity under his stewardship. Avinash Group, which comprises the Avinash Broiler Breeding Farm, Avinash Hatchery, Avinash Hy-Line Layer Breeding Farm, Avinash Commercial Farms and Avinash Vet Pharma among others, was the first company in Nepal to have established an ultra-modern hatchery farm, adopting state-of-the art technology. 

The secret: Embryo-Response Incubation™ technology

Jason Cormick, Hatchery Specialist at Petersime, clarifies why Avinash experienced a narrower hatch window and the positive consequences as a result: ‘The Embryo-Response Incubation™ technology in the BioStreamer™ hatcher makes the difference. In essence, this technology reacts to the signals of the hatching chicks to guide them optimally through the hatching process. Synchro-Hatch™ automatically detects the exact moment of internal pipping of the chicks and then initiates a sequence of modifications to the environment in order to stimulate simultaneous hatching. This narrows the hatch window and leads to uniform chicks of better quality and to better hatchability rates. It also shortens the waiting time after hatching, diminishing the risk of dehydration and weight loss. Since the Embryo-Response Incubation™ technology copies the behaviour of a mother hen taking care of her hatching chicks, it is a welfare-friendly technology. That is why Avinash Group experiences these positive results and feedback.’