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European poultry industry talks turkey at annual conference

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From 4 to 6 March, the European turkey industry gathered at the Turkey Science and Production Conference in Chester, UK, to share knowledge and discuss the latest developments in the business.

The leading meeting point for the European turkey industry

The annual Turkey Science and Production Conference welcomed members of the European turkey industry and aimed to give them an opportunity to meet colleagues and discuss new developments in the business. This year’s speakers covered relevant topics such as turkey management and incubation, animal welfare and turkey health, nutrition, and much more. As a specialist in the field of turkey incubation, Petersime also shared its expertise at the conference.

A unique approach to the incubation of turkey eggs

Stephen Evans, hatchery specialist at Petersime, talked about the specific requirements and sensitivities of turkey incubation at the conference. In his presentation, he focused on the prevention of early embryological death by heat-treating eggs during storage and the importance of precise incubation management. Using nature as a reference, Evans illustrated how turkey hatcheries can identify and control these critical factors to achieve the biggest potential for success. With Petersime’s BioStreamer™ Re-Store incubator and Embryo-Response Incubation™ technology for single-stage setters and hatchers, hatchery managers can continuously improve the viability of fertile eggs and reach higher turkey hatchability in the long term.