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Global Petersime network prospers with increased service activity in Latin America

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One of Petersime’s key ambitions is to offer customers full peace of mind in the process of maximising their hatchery results, starting at the setup of their projects and years after the first hatch. After gradually boosting its worldwide presence in the past few decades, Petersime has also expanded service activities in Latin America to reinforce its commitment of assisting customers on a regional level.

Your hatchery partner for reliable, effective support

As world leader in the field of incubation, standing by our customers for the entire lifetime of their hatchery operations lies at the heart of Petersime’s values. This ranges from the development and delivery of innovative incubators and hatchery solutions to the accessibility of personal, specialised assistance and regular training opportunities.

At Petersime, we combine a centralised customer service at our headquarters in Belgium with a global network of experienced Petersime experts and local distributors ready to share their knowledge and navigate all types of customer requests.

All-purpose customer service close at hand

In line with Petersime’s growth strategy and to maintain a close presence to our customers, we have expanded our regional service offering for all Spanish-speaking countries in Latin America. This recent investment is logistically positioned in Panama and will be administered by the local Petersime team in Brazil.

Luis Duarte, Regional Service Manager in Latin America, commented: “At Petersime, we aim to continuously bring our services to the next level. The latest expansion in Latin America enables us to further evolve according to the market’s needs: efficient solutions to help customers avoid and solve issues; having a technical or incubation expert visit the customer’s site; customised training are some examples. We are currently also fine-tuning the local spare parts process to guarantee faster delivery times and make sure all of our Latin American customers have the right components at the right time.”

With the increased activity in Latin America, Petersime is dedicated to make global all-round customer support even more approachable.

Regional Service Manager Luis Duarte (right) and Carlos Flores (left), Operations Manager at C807, Petersime’s new logistic partner in Panama. The local Petersime team in Brazil has gone the extra mile to let the latest expansion in Latin America run smoothly.