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Hatchery Focus E-Training: Petersime’s online programme for hatchery managers and technical staff

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In June, Petersime introduced Hatchery Focus E-Training, the new online training programme for hatchery managers and technical staff. By organising monthly interactive sessions fine-tuned to the customer’s interests and location, the service team strives to make training even more accessible worldwide.

Connection is silver, hatchery knowledge is gold

In addition to the original Single-Stage Incubator Training and Hatchery Management Training, Petersime has launched Hatchery Focus E-Training as an extra course in its training line-up.

As part of Petersime’s service mission, the commitment to stand by customers 24/7/365 is paramount. That includes as much direct contact with hatchery managers and technical staff as possible to help them achieve maximum hatchery results.

Complementary to the one-on-one support from our helpdesk, on-site or remote interventions and training, availability of documentation, as some examples, Petersime has also introduced monthly online training sessions where experts share their knowledge and best practices on technical or incubational topics

What makes Hatchery Focus E-Training stand out

For the Single-Stage Incubator Training or Hatchery Management Training, customers will generally travel to a Petersime Training Centre to attend a three-day-long in-house course.
Whereas Petersime always strives to share its expertise in an easily accessible way, adding value to the customer’s all-round experience, we have taken the promise of easy access to the next level with the new online training format, specifically aimed at hatchery managers and technical staff worldwide.

This is what customers can expect in Hatchery Focus E-Training:

  • They can join the programme based on hatchery location. Petersime’s local teams in Belgium, Brazil, China and Malaysia offer customised sessions exclusive to customers in their service region.
  • All online training sessions are presented in English, Portuguese, Spanish and Chinese to make information as accessible as possible to our customers worldwide.
  • With Hatchery Focus E-Training, Petersime adds importance to connecting with customers in real-time on a regular basis, as well as incorporates flexible learning into the programme. Once a month, the service teams provide to-the-point training sessions of max. one hour. During these live sessions, attendees have the opportunity to interact with the expert presenter and ask questions. What’s more, after each completed E-training, members have lifelong access to the recording of these topics, giving them the option to rewatch sessions at any time.

“The key strength of Hatchery Focus E-Training is that we offer customers an in-depth focus on one incubational or technical topic per month; it is presented by a designated Petersime expert and, as it is coordinated either in Belgium, Brazil, China or Malaysia, fine-tuned according to the customer’s regional interests,” explains Steven Lassuyt, Customer Support & Training Coordinator. “That combination is how our new programme distinguishes itself from what has been done before. By launching this regular training format, we aim to share highly relevant knowledge and best practices that can be implemented in the hatchery right away, and successfully strengthen the connection to our customers.”

Previous E-training topics presented since June 2021 include hatch breakout analysis, preventive maintenance, Petersime’s incubation technologies, and more.

Update on Single-Stage Incubator Training and Hatchery Management Training

In conjunction with E-training, Petersime continues to organise the offline Single-Stage Incubator Training and Hatchery Management Training. In these intensive three-day courses, hatchery and maintenance managers and their assistants immerse themselves in incubation knowledge, including practical sessions and round-table discussions with fellow hatchery managers.

Unfortunately, due to travel and safety restrictions, we haven’t been able to invite customers for in-person training in 2021. We are hopeful for 2022 and look forward to welcoming you at a Petersime location again as of next year.

Keep an eye on our website for the 2022 training calendars soon.

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