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Hendrix Genetics chooses Petersime Re-Store for their new parent stock hatchery

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Incubating turkey eggs is totally different from chicken eggs. Turkey embryos and poults require dedicated incubation programs and adapted hatchery equipment. Petersime has been committed to finding solutions for turkeys since the very beginning of its activities and is the undisputed leader in the field.

This was once again confirmed when Hybrid chose Petersime equipment for their 30,000-square foot brand new facility to hatch parent stock turkeys for the North American market.

Hybrid is the turkey genetics brand of Hendrix Genetics, the global leader in turkey genetics with breeding and distribution activities around the world. Based in Boxmeer, the Netherlands, and privately held, Hendrix Genetics has operations in 24 countries around the world with activities in layer, turkey, swine, traditional poultry and aquaculture breeding.

Petersime was pleased to attend the grand opening of the new Hybrid hatchery in Beatrice, Nebraska. The new facility has a 6.6 million capacity and creates 25 jobs. Next to the 36 setters and 11 hatchers designed for turkey incubation, Petersime also installed 2 BioStreamer™ BioS-8S Re-Store incubators.

BioStreamerTM Re-Store

The Petersime Re-Store machine uses specially adapted technology to control the heat treatment program during storage. Because turkey production is more seasonal than chicken and flocks tend to be smaller, turkey eggs tend to be stored longer than chicken eggs and therefore have the potential to gain more from the use of Re-Store. As storage time of eggs increases, performance losses increase. By using this heat treatment up to 14 days, as part of the standard hatchery practice, it is possible to gain up to 7% in turkey egg performance.

For more information, read “Re-Stored turkey eggs outperform untreated eggs stored for 8 to 15 days by 7%”

From left to right: Ginger Williams, Stan Wirth, Scott Rowland, Dave Libertini & Pete Ricketts