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Improving the communications between hatchery and farm

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“The BioStreamer™ Re-Store machine of Petersime is a new and advanced technology that offers a lot of possibilities to improve results both in the hatchery and on the farm. By sharing knowledge on Re-Store at the Technical Seminar of Hy-Line do Brasil, we can enhance the communication between hatchery and farm.”

Technical Seminar of Hy-Line do Brasil

Hy-Line do Brasil is a genetics company for layers. For better communication between the breeder hatchery and the commercial layer hatchery on one hand and the farmers on the other hand, Hy-Line organised their first Technical Seminar in Sao Jose do Rio Preto, São Paulo, Brazil. During the seminar, Eduardo Romanini, Petersime Hatchery Specialist, shared his knowledge on the Petersime BioStreamer™ Re-Store machine.

Hatchery Specialist Eduardo Romanini explaining how the Petersime BioStreamer™ Re-Store impacts hatchability and chick quality

“The BioStreamer™ Re-Store machine is a new and advanced technology that offers a lot of possibilities to improve the results in the hatchery and on the farm by recovering the viability of embryonic cells in stored eggs” says Bruno Vieira, Hatchery Manager of Hy-Line do Brasil. “We had it installed in both our Hy-Line GP and commercial layer hatchery recently. During the seminar, we wanted to share the knowledge on the Re-Store machine with our staff from the hatcheries and the farms both.”

“We do not only offer troubleshooting services, but also proactive guidance, trainings, seminars, in the light of our Customer Care Commitment™. From our office in Brazil, Petersime provides a full range of customer service activities for the Latin American region so our customers can rely on us from the very start of their operations until the end of the life span of their machine portfolio,” says Antonio Geraldo da Silva, Area Sales Manager of Petersime do Brasil. “We are always happy to assist our customers by participating at their seminars or workshops.”

Antonio Geraldo da Silva, Petersime Area Sales Manager (left) and Bruno Augusto Vieira, Hatchery Manager of Hy-Line do Brasil (right)

Strengthening the relationships with layer companies

The Petersime BioStreamer™ Re-Store restores the viability of stored eggs by giving them one or multiple controlled heat treatments. Whereas it has been proven that the machine recovers the hatchability of stored eggs of broiler chickens, turkeys and ducks, more detailed research of the effect on layers is on the way. Hy-Line and Petersime saw the potential of setting up a collaboration to explore how the BioStreamer™ Re-Store can benefit the layer industry.

“The idea is to strengthen our relationships with layer companies worldwide. We are in the middle of discussing possible collaborations and information exchange protocols with different layer companies such as Hy-Line do Brasil to explore the full potential of using Re-Store for layer eggs,” comments Eduardo Romanini, Petersime Hatchery Specialist. “First insights of embryo staging investigations carried out on our in-house hatchery laboratory suggest that the results expected for layer chicks should be similar to the results for broiler chicks: a 1.5% increase in recovery of hatchability in young flocks and a 0.6% increase for old flocks, measured at eggs stored at short to mid-term (5 to 9 days).”

The next step is to strengthen the relationships between layer companies and Petersime even more and to formalise collaboration protocols worldwide with different hatcheries.

Organizer of the event and Hatchery Manager of Hy-Line do Brasil Bruno Vieira (left), guest speaker and Hatchery Specialist of Petersime Eduardo Romanini (middle) and Leomar Klassmann of Lohmann Mexico