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Major upgrade at PS hatchery van Gent (the Netherlands)

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Broederij van Gent, a Cobb parent stock hatchery located in Veenendaal (the Netherlands) has recently upgraded a substantial part of its incubation equipment. Hatchery manager Mr Cees van Gent gives us an exclusive view inside his hatchery.

Installation of 30 Petersime BioStreamer™ setters was completed at the end of December 2013, and at this moment, the Eagle Eye™ hatchery monitoring software is being set up. Moreover, the floor was renewed and the existing HVAC control system has been replaced with Petersime controllers.

For reasons of flexibility, the incubators are a mix of 4, 8 and 12 trolley machines as van Gent works with all kinds of batch sizes. Delivery, installation and commissioning were completed by Petersime and its Dutch distributor PEJA Automation within a very short time frame in order to ensure continuous operation. 

 Hatchery owner Mr Cees van Gent operating one of his new BioStreamer™ setters

Broederij Van Gent is a PS breeder hatchery that works exclusively with Cobb Europe. The company has already been working with Petersime equipment for 41 years. For this upgrade, owner Cees Van Gent opted for high-end BioStreamer™ incubators for two reasons.

“Firstly, we wanted to optimize our hatch results, and to me Petersime’s S-line incubators are among the best in the market,” he explains. “Secondly, we want to improve bio-security even further. Hatchery hygiene is of the utmost importance for us, and Petersime incubators are especially designed to safeguard bio-security during the entire incubation process.”

Hatchery hygiene is of the highest importance at Broederij van Gent.

About Broederij van Gent

Broederij van Gent was founded in 1946 in Veenendaal, the Netherlands, as a layer and broiler hatchery. In 1991, the company became a parent stock breeder hatchery for Cobb Europe, with whom the owners enjoy an excellent partnership. Van Gent employs 17 people in total. The chicks are supplied to Cobb customers across the Europe, Middle East and Africa region and can sometimes go farther afield in support to other Cobb regions worldwide.

Owner Mr Cees van Gent and his wife Leida in front of the hatchery in Veenendaal