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New Easy Connect™ app features for an even better service experience

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Easy Connect™ is Petersime’s smartphone app that speeds up and simplifies the process to connect with our team and services. If you have enjoyed the app so far, you will be happy to hear that we have added new features.

In just a few clicks, the Easy Connect™ app offers numerous service solutions . Built around three main categories, you can directly contact Petersime’s experts to request support (Connect to people), find technical and incubational information in the knowledge database (Connect to knowledge) and even control your machines from outside the hatchery (Connect to machines).

Morren, one of our customers in the Netherlands, is positive about the functionalities in Easy Connect™: “The app makes it even easier to get in touch with Petersime. We also believe the feature ‘Connect to machines’ is a useful tool in our operations. It shows a clear overview of the hatchery and notifies us in case of alarm, so that we can step in at the right place in the incubation process right away,” says hatchery manager Karel Hazeleger.

As of October, newly added features offer an even better service experience. Here’s what is new:

  1. You can choose your preferred navigation language from a list of 29 different languages. To change the interface of your app, click the ‘Settings’ icon and make your selection.
  2. The E-Shop button on the main screen brings you straight to Petersime’s online shop, that is now fully mobile-friendly. In this way, you have easy access to thousands of spare parts, ready to order for 20 years after acquiring your hatchery equipment.
  3. Need more information on a particular part of your equipment? You can now take pictures of the article in the app, add a comment and send your request directly to your spare parts officer. Click ‘Scanners’ on the main screen, then choose ‘Part recognition’.
  4. Again under ‘Scanners’, you can find our built-in QR code scanner, which allows you to easily scan the QR codes that come with our documentation. No need to search the database, as the scanner will automatically identify QR codes provided with the delivery of new products.

Tip: In case you don’t have an internet connection inside the hatchery, all scanned QR codes can be saved. As soon as you are online, you can view your scan history and download the links.

Moreover, as we greatly value the Easy Connect™ app as a tool to share our expertise, the knowledge database (Connect to knowledge) has been growing with even more content to help you reach maximum hatchery results. What’s more, all documents can now also be downloaded in Russian. Later updates will include a detailed search function so you can easily discover the desired information to brush up on your technical and incubational knowledge.

Download the app for free and see how it can make a difference for your business:
Easy Connect™ app on the App Store – iOS
Easy Connect™ app on Google Play – Android