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New Sales Director for Latin America

in Corporate news, Sales

In January 2018, Fernando Bellod Valle joined Petersime as the new Sales Director for Latin America. After a thorough running-in period in the Belgian headquarters, he officially moved to Brazil on the 1st of September and is now ready to get the ball rolling.

Fernando Bellod Valle, the new Sales Director for Latin America

Fernando Bellod Valle is a Mechanical/Industrial engineer, armed with a master’s degree in Marketing and International Commerce. He conducted these studies in three different countries: Spain, Portugal and the USA. “I have developed myself to the professional I am now in the power generation industry, where I was working for a worldwide OEM of gas turbines. During this experience, I was continuously leading projects and people in the region of Latin America.”, he states.

Moving to a different industry and joining Petersime was a well-considered decision for him. “The poultry industry has an important responsibility towards the world population. We are in an age of a rapid population growth, which means more and more people must be fed. Chicken production bares a great part of that responsibility and Petersime helps to achieve that.”, he explains. “I consider myself very lucky to have been able to join the leading manufacturer of hatcheries and incubators worldwide. I was looking for a step forward in my professional career in which I could bring my expertise and start making a difference as well as learning and adapting to a new and challenging environment.”

Now he has settled in Brazil, Fernando is ready to tackle his challenges as Director. Together with his team, he is setting the foundation of today’s consolidation of the Latin American market as well as a further and greater expansion. He explains: “The Latin American market is a dynamic market where every player has a saying. Some regions are directly suffering from international regulation swifts due to the large amount of exports, whereas others benefit from good local conditions and competitive chicken prices. We are continuously working and adapting to these changes to be there for our clients. Also, we are thrilled to continue expanding our client portfolio and enlarging our presence in countries that are of great importance to us.”

To achieve these goals, Fernando has confidence in Petersime’s servicing approach. “At Petersime, we don’t just sell projects to our customers. We truly believe in the concept of a partnership that creates value over the years. Investing in a hatchery involves commitment both in the short and the long run. We, as Petersime, offer the latest technologies in the market, together with the leading service in the region.”

Petersime wishes Fernando the best of luck in his position of Sales Director for Latin America and in helping our local customers maximize their profit for life!