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Petersime adds E-Training to customer training line-up

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Sharing knowledge and practical tips on how to maximise your hatchery results is paramount to Petersime’s services. We are increasing our digital learning offering to complement our customer training programmes.

Introducing online training sessions for customers

One of Petersime’s main objectives is to present our customers with easily accessible, high-value support from the very start of their hatchery project over the entire life span of their incubators and hatchery equipment.

In 2020, organising face-to-face visits, such as on-site technical audits or training courses, was challenged. As an alternative, we have offered more opportunities to connect with customers and business partners in a digital way. As increasing Petersime’s digital presence – as part of our growing service line-up – has been in the works for a while, we jumped at the chance to increase our digital training offering for hatchery managers and technical staff.

A look behind the scenes at the Malaysia office, where customer support officer Idwan Zainuddin coordinated Petersime Southeast Asia’s first E-Training.
Additionally, see top image: Gamie Gundran (Incubation Specialist) and Steven Lassuyt (Coordinator Helpdesk, Training & Documentation) presenting a digital course in October

Grow your knowledge on single-stage incubation and hatchery management with Petersime

We are happy to announce that this year’s training schedule will include both in-house (as soon as health and safety guidelines allow it) and digital courses starting in the second quarter of 2021, organised by Steven Lassuyt, Coordinator Helpdesk, Training & Documentation at Petersime.

In addition to the face-to-face Single-Stage Incubator and Hatchery Management training programmes at Petersime’s customer centres, we will also be hosting E-Trainings, targeted online training sessions, on a monthly basis. In these concise sessions, we aim to zoom in on specific technical and incubational topics that are useful for hatchery managers and their assistants, sharing our expertise and giving participants the chance to ask questions in an interactive way.

Between April and October of last year, Petersime’s global service team transformed the Single-Stage Incubator Training into three remote courses. During these three-day live events hosted by our technical and incubation specialists at Petersime Belgium, Southeast Asia and China, customers joined multiple in-depth online learning sessions on the functionalities and design of Petersime’s single-stage incubators, their Embryo-Response Incubation™ technologies, embryonic development, and much more.

Taking the experience from these digital courses into further finetuning of its training selection, the service team is excited to connect with you again in Petersime’s upcoming E-Trainings to help you reach optimal results.