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Petersime and CID Lines join forces for poultry seminar in Turkey

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Petersime together with CID Lines, participated in a successful poultry seminar in Sapanca (Turkey), organised by Poultech, its exclusive distributor for the region.

From left to right: İrem Kavasoğlu, Jason Cormick, Meltem Mete, Rıdvan Karakoç, Helena Brutsaert, İsmail Altınkaya, Filip De Smet, Övünç Kaya, Baris Tunca, Evren Tanrıverdi, Vatche Sagherian, Gökhan Bozkurt, Sibel Yüzbasi, Nalan Karakaç.

The widely attended seminar focused on ‘producing healthy birds (in the hatchery) and keeping the birds healthy during the life cycle (in the farms)’. Jason Cormick from Petersime was on hand to share knowledge about ‘Hatching Egg Management’, ‘Embryonic Requirements’ and ‘Trouble Shooting Hatch’.

CID Lines shared their insights about the formaldehyde free hatchery, measuring biosecurity in the farms using their BIOCHECK instrument and the importance of antibiotic reduction. Biosecurity management comprises all measures taken to minimize the risk of the introduction and spread of infectious agents, thus lowering the risks of disease outbreaks. Antimicrobial resistance has become one of the main concerns for the future worldwide and therefore goes hand in hand with a valuable biosecurity program. 

 “CID LINES and Poultech have had a great start with this biosecurity seminar in hatcheries! We are eager to get in the field and support the Turkish poultry industry with our products and knowledge. Prevention is the way to more profit!” says Vatche Sagherian, Sales Manager Turkey at CID Lines.

“The seminar freshened our knowledge on hatchery and disinfection issues. All presentations, done by Petersime and CID Lines experts, will stay in our mind. We thank all people who organised this seminar.’ adds Mr Ismail Ertonga, Production Manager at Beypilic.

Mr Orhan Erkan from Erpilic Hatcheries Manager: ‘’We can say it was a successful seminar and organisation in general.’’

 “Thanks to the professional organisation of our distributor, we were able to reach the majority of the key industry players in Turkey,” concluded Filip De Smet, Area Sales Manager at Petersime.” The feedback was extremely positive from everyone involved.  Attendees were very interested and took the opportunity to ask questions. The topics were well received. Every hatchery manager can relate to them and they were brought in such a way everyone can easily take home their findings and put them into practice. I’m confident that Petersime will continue to play a leading role in informing and supporting the poultry sector in this part of the world."