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Petersime boosts local activities in Southeast Asia

in Corporate news

To meet the growing needs of the Southeast Asian poultry industry, Petersime is currently expanding its activities in this region. The company has made the strategic choice to be more locally anchored several years ago. The office in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia will therefore get another upgrade with extra staff and a training center. 

Growing services, growing team

Noting that Asia is a growth hub, Carmelo Ferlito, Director Southeast Asia, says that “in two years our business in Asia-Pacific grew from being less than one-quarter of the total to represent almost half of it.” Having several offices over the world, Petersime experiences daily that companies with local offices gain a better understanding of customers and markets because they are steeped in the local culture. With this in mind, they decided to further develop their local approach in Southeast Asia and provide a full service from their Malaysian office.

As part of this growth strategy, Mohamad Azizi Abu Kassim joined the team of Petersime Southeast Asia in May 2018 as Pre-sales Officer. After an intense training programme of several months at the Petersime headquarters in Belgium, he is now responsible for the creation of hatchery layouts and quotations.

The team of Field Service Engineers is expanding to Bangladesh and Thailand. By enlarging the pool of Field Service Engineers, Petersime will be even better able to serve customers in that area.

Well-trained staff for high quality services

Petersime invests in superior education and ongoing training for its people so they can offer the highest quality standards. The company aims to turn every new employee into a certified professional. Petersime’s people receive theoretical and practical assistance, so they can continuously improve their skills and knowhow.

Last year, Azmi Abdullah joined the team in Kuala Lumpur and he confirms this approach as he just finished the last Single-stage training in Belgium. “Petersime puts a lot of effort in training its staff. I started in July last year and, during the first 3 months, I joined one of the Field Service Engineers daily, so I could quickly learn everything on-the-job. During this period, I gained a lot of experience and felt more confident to offer support to customers,” he states.

Azmi Abdullah, Service Manager Petersime Southeast Asia and Mohamad Azizi Abu Kassim, Pre-sales Officer Petersime Southeast Asia

Azmi is now responsible for the spare parts management, helpdesk support and the planning of the Field Service Engineers in Southeast Asia. He is fully dedicated to helping customers and is willing to go the extra mile. He believes this motivation is the result of the intense support he received from the beginning until now.

“For Petersime, you are not just an employee, but an asset. They really invest in improving your skills and knowhow. And that’s a good thing, because when you believe in what you are doing and you succeed in satisfying the customer, you are selling through customer service.”, Azmi Abdullah said.

Single-stage training in Malaysia

Next to training staff, training customers is also a key element of Petersime’s philosophy. This leads us directly to a recent milestone for Petersime Southeast Asia, as they are also organizing training programmes at their office site in Kuala Lumpur since June 2018. Whereas Southeast Asian customers had to rely on the Belgian headquarters for these services before, they can now find them just around the corner. Petersime is glad to eliminate the geographical barrier for Southeast Asian customers and make it easier for them to participate.

360° service from Kuala Lumpur

By investing in its local presence in Malaysia, Petersime aims to be more agile. It gives the company the capability to keep an eye on the market and pick the right priorities. Being closer to the customers makes it easier to deliver fast, effective services and to help them resolve issues more quickly. From now on, Petersime has incorporated all main activities into the Malaysian office and looks forward to helping customers from this region to continue to maximize their profit for life.