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Petersime hosts first local training session in China

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Last November, Petersime’s local team in Tianjin, China, organised its first single-stage incubation training for Chinese customers.

The single-stage training session, coordinated by chief representative Sandy Qi and service manager Nan Wu, was the first of many events that will take place in the Chinese office. A group of twenty participants, from hatchery managers to technical engineers, joined for a four-day programme full of presentations that covered all aspects of the single-stage incubation process. Topics such as the functionalities of Petersime incubators,the Embryo-Response Incubation™ technologies and a practical breakout session were of great interest to them. Moreover, each attendee had the opportunity to engage one-on-one with our incubation experts, who helped them find personalised solutions to further optimise their hatchery’s operations.

By offering training events locally, Petersime wants to help customers in China gain a better understanding of their (newly operational) machines and the technology used in their hatchery, without having to travel long distance.

During the breakout session

Yan Xiang, manager at Fujian Sunner Development Company, said: “I have benefited a lot from the training activities. The content is very practical and specific, plus the knowledge I have gained helps us to use our incubation equipment in a more efficient way. Additionally, thanks to this event, a communication platform with our poultry industry peers has been established, creating a good opportunity to learn from each other and share experiences."

The regional team in Tianjin has seen a substantial growth in the past few years, and three new domestic service engineers are coming aboard soon. Petersime China has recently settled into a new and bigger office, all with the goal to offer the best customer service in the ever-evolving Chinese market.

Besides a spacious customer centre that is used for training and other events, a warehouse for the storage and processing of spare parts was opened.