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Petersime Operational Excellence Day Argentina: the best practices in incubation

More than a hundred delegates from the poultry sector attended the Petersime Operational Excellence Day in Argentina to learn the best practices in incubation and get the latest updates on the poultry industry.

As a support to its customers, Petersime organizes several Operational Excellence Days in different countries around the world. The main idea is to pass on the best practices in as well as in depth knowledge on modern incubation. Last September, the event was held in Buenos Aires, Argentina, under a bright sunny sky. It attracted more than a hundred participants from the poultry sector.

The following topics were on the programme of the day:

  • What are the requirement of the modern embryo?
  • How to restore the viability of the embryo?
  • Tools for analysing the incubation process
  • The Argentinian poultry industry: growth via export
  • Outlook for the Argentinian economy, anno 2016 – 2017

Incubation Specialist Eduardo Romanini teaching how to evaluate chick quality.

Sr. De Grazia addressing the audience about the Argentinian poultry industry and options for future growth

The event was organized by Laboratorios Bimex, Petersime’s representative in Argentina and active in the market since 1992. Mr. Jose Zamora, General Manager Lab. Bimex: “Our company offers top quality international equipment to our local poultry industry. We strive to back this up with good technical support to ensure excellent performance to our customers. Over the last years, we have carried out several hatchery projects together with Petersime, leading to only satisfied customers. We see this day as yet another sign of our long term commitment to the market.”

Among the participant were company owners, production managers, hatchery managers and renowned poultry veterinarians. Sr. De Grazia, General Manager of Granja Tres Arroyos, and Maximiliano Montenegro, journalist and economist, were invited as guest speakers to cover the Argentinian industry and the political and economic situation in the country.

“We have confidence in the bright future of the Argentinian poultry industry. I think this reflected in the large attendance today during this event. We hope to have made a small contribution to our customers’ and future customers’ success and we already look forward to our next event!” says Pieter Hemeryck, Director Latin America Petersime.

The organizers of the event, f.l.t.r.: Eduardo Romanini (Petersime), Donato Moro (Petersime), Pieter Hemeryck (Petersime), Adrian Seva (Laboratorios Bimex), Jose Zamora (Laboratorios Bimex), Marianela Avellini (Laboratorios Bimex), Martin Dominguez Nimo (Laboratorios Bimex).

The Operational Excellence Day was organized within the framework of Petersime’s Operational Excellence Programme™ . Within this program, subscribers learn the best practices in incubation for optimizing their return on investment during the complete lifetime of their hatchery.