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Prof. Eddy Decuypere to work exclusively for Petersime

in Corporate news

On October 24th 2012, Prof. Eddy Decuypere, world authority in the field of incubation, retired from the University of Leuven, where he worked at the department of Biosystems, Division of Livestock-Nutrition-Quality at the Faculty of Bioscience Engineering. Mr Decuypere and his department have been sharing their expertise in hatching egg and embryonic physiology with Petersime since 2005.

Since his retirement, Prof. Decuypere is working for Petersime on an exclusive basis, contributing substantially to the incubation expertise within Petersime. He is involved in the research at the departments of R&D and Hatchery Development. In addition, he performs as a guest speaker for Petersime at seminars worldwide, providing our customers and partners with insight in the world of embryology and incubation.

“Having Prof. Decuypere on board is invaluable. Since our cooperation started in 2005, huge progress was made in terms of incubation research, leading to a number of successful new products that not only contribute to our customers’ return on investment, but also to animal welfare,”says Pascal Garain, Petersime’s R&D Manager.