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Soaking up incubation knowledge in Mexico and Honduras during the Operational Excellence Days

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One of the best things of being a hatchery manager is that not a day goes by without learning. But some days get even better. Professionals in hatchery operations can attend days full of incubation tips & tricks given by the best in the field. This time, the lucky ones were the participants in the Operational Excellence Days in Mexico and Honduras.

The participants of the Operational Excellence Day in Querétaro, Mexico on August 17th

The Petersime team organised the first Operational Excellence Days in Mexico and Honduras on the 17th and the 21st of August respectively. Both events attracted about 40 incubation experts and professionals of well-known companies in the local poultry industry.

With the Operational Excellence Days, Petersime aims to share practical, truthful and grounded information on incubation, brought by its own scientific experts and other well-known speakers.

One of the attendees mentioned that the combination of coming together with experts and the importance of the themes resulted in a top-quality event. “Hopefully Petersime continues to organize these Operational Excellence Days in our neighbourhood.”

So, which important themes were handled this time then? Participants in Mexico and Honduras got first-hand information on the best practices in the field: How does the ventilation in a hatchery work? How do you handle incubatable eggs? How can you best manage the hatch window? And what about the biosecurity? These are only a few topics brought by the different speakers.

For both Operational Excellence Days, attendees were positively surprised by the purely technical content of the presentations and its high level. “The information we received during the Operational Excellence Days is what we find and need in our daily work. It’s important to remember and refresh what we already know and to listen to new tips, so we really know how to do it.”

As the Operational Excellence Day in Honduras took place together with the Central American and Caribbean Poultry Congress in San Pedro Sula, many attendees headed to the congress afterwards. There they could attend Petersime’s incubation expert Eduardo Romanini’s presentation about the art of restoring embryonic viability or visit the Petersime booth. A great opportunity to combine gaining new insights and networking with other hatchery professionals!