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Successful first Operational Excellence Days in Poland

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A new edition of the Petersime ‘Operational Excellence Days’ took place on 19 and 20 April 2018 in Poland. Customers and specialists from leading companies in the Polish poultry industry came together in the city of Łódź to improve their knowledge about incubation related topics and learn about new developments.

Customers and specialists from the Polish poultry industry shared their experiences on the Operational Excellence Days

The ‘Operational Excellence Days’ is an exclusive event organised by Petersime. During this event, Petersime brings together hatchery (project) managers and delegates from major poultry integrations and broiler and breeder companies in order to create a knowledge sharing platform with a focus on achieving ‘operational excellence’ at every stage in the hatchery process. The aim is not to do things well, but to be the best.

The programme consisted of various informative sessions, presented by Petersime’s own experts as well as two guest speakers. Gerrit van der Linde from Heering co. shared his experience on the transport of day-old chicks, while Lukasz Chrzaszczak from Ecat-ID focused on hatchery automation.

As for Petersime, Eduardo Romanini (Hatchery Development Specialist), Ives Vanstechelman (Product Specialist) and Gavin Williamson (Global Technical Supervisor) talked about embryonic requirements, hatching egg management, Embryo-Response Incubation, the BioStreamer™ Re-Store and (preventive) maintenance on incubators and HVAC.

Borys Barbukow, Area Sales Manager for the Polish and Bulgarian market, was in charge of the event and was highly delighted to welcome 70 attendees in Hotel Ambasador Premium in Łódź:

“I’m very satisfied that our first Operational Excellence seminar in Poland turned out the be such a great success. The feedback we and our agent received from our customers and speakers prove that the event was received very well. Many of them mentioned that we have chosen interesting and practical topics and it was a great opportunity for them to share their experiences with other companies from the Polish poultry industry. They also liked the location and look forward to the next Petersime seminar in Poland.”

The feedback we received from Mr Ryszard Plak from Integra Sp. z o.o. confirms this statement:„We would like to thank Petersime for our employees to participate to the Petersime Operational Excellence Days. The topics were presented in an interesting way. The subjects concerned both the technology and maintenance in the hatchery. Moreover, we had the chance to meet with people from the poultry industry and exchange our experiences. The complete seminar was organised in a very professional way.”

Mr Grzegorz Ważydrąg from Wylegarnia Indyków Marek Górski was grateful that his employees could attend the seminar as well: „The topics that were presented during the 2 days were very helpful and useful. The knowledge we obtained will help us in achieving even better results in our hatchery, and in more effective use of the incubators and devices we use on a daily basis. What we found truly priceless was the possibility to meet with our colleagues from the poultry industry in Poland. It seems that such meetings in a casual manner with relaxed atmosphere are good for friendly conversations and most importantly for sharing experiences.”