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Third successful Poultry Performance Conference held

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Petersime’s Poultry Performance Conference is becoming increasingly renowned among leading players in the poultry industry. In October 2013, 28 guests from several of the world’s most prominent poultry companies were present at the Petersime headquarters to attend the 3rd edition of the Conference.

During the event, a broad range of poultry related topics were tackled by experts from leading poultry companies and from universities.

A significant amount of attention went to topics related to poultry diseases and bio-security. One of the presentations on hatchery hygiene was brought by Mr Luc Ledoux from CID Lines. His message is to “break the chain of infection” that runs parallel with the production chain, in order to minimize cross contamination, pathogens and bacteria for maximum hatchability and chick quality.

Incubation related topics were also discussed in-depth, including a tutorial on how to run your own comparative trials. The discourse of Prof Eddy Decuypere (University of Leuven), which included some of the latest research into epigenetics,received unanimous praise. Prof Decuypere gave an overview of relevant scientific literature and of the practical implications for the poultry industry. Mr Mark Foote (Cobb Europe) and Prof Okan Elibol (Ankara University) both talked about the effect of incubation conditions and hatch time on broiler performance.

Discourse of Prof Okan Elibol (Ankara University) on the effects of hatch time on broiler performance

Furthermore, Mr Gerrit van der Linde from Heering BV emphasised the importance of transportation in the process chain and highlighted some critical points.

Mr Jacky Michard, Hubbard Nutritionist, provided valuable advice on how to cope with high feed costs, assessing possible alternative ingredients and their influence on feed conversion and gut health.

Jason Cormick, Petersime Hatchery Specialist and initiator of the PPC, is satisfied. “The mission of the PPC is to cover a broad spectrum of topics relevant to a typical poultry operation, combined with the latest scientific research and innovations from within the industry. I am extremely happy with our mix of practical and academic presentations, and with the enthusiasm of speakers and guests. I feel we have been very successful in achieving our goal and look forward to the next one in 2014."