A hatchery operation involves many complex processes, from egg intake to chick storage, and its success stands or falls with the expertise of the hatchery managers and their teams. Hosted worldwide in our Regional Centres and with a personal and pragmatic approach, Petersime offers a wide array of training programmes that will help customers optimize their entire hatchery performance. 

Hatchery training to guide customers to business success

Reaching for the highest hatchery results requires professional guidance at every step of the way. That is why Petersime stands by customers through their entire operations, from project investment over the start-up and complete lifecycle of their hatchery. To get the best return on investment over the entire lifetime of the hatchery, it is key that the complete operational organization and all employees stay sharp and have the knowhow and skills to optimize performance and strive for continuous improvement. 

Every year, Petersime offers various training programmes worldwide in which our technical and incubational specialists share their expertise and best practices that can be implemented in the hatchery right away. 

The Single-Stage Incubator Training is set up for those who are not yet familiar with single-stage incubation or Petersime’s equipment. Organized locally in Belgium, Brazil, China and Malaysia, customers can sign up to join the programme in their own service region. To help hatchery staff get acquainted with the do’s and don’ts of single-stage incubation and encourage them to get the most out of their equipment, this training focuses on the design and functionalities of our X-Streamer™ incubators and Eagle Trax™ hatchery software, as well as offers in-depth sessions on embryonic development and the advantages of Embryo-Response Incubation™.
“Our global team of specialists has a wealth of experience that we are happy to share at all times, not only when a hatchery is coming across a problem, but also when a customer wishes to improve incubation results by as much as 1 or 2%, for example,” Stephen Evans, Team Lead Global Incubation Consultants, elaborates. “Each of our consultants combines an all-round expertise with his or her own relevant background in the poultry industry, contributing to our many strengths as a team as we guide customers to becoming hatching champions.” 

“We like that the Single-Stage Incubator Training is systematic and comprehensive with included theory, practice and useful videos that will be a great help in the field.” 

~Mr Ni Hatchery Manager, Shaanxi Haobang Poultry Service Co., Ltd

The Hatchery Management Training is aimed at those who already have some experience managing a hatchery and want to take their hatchery’s results to the next level. In an intensive three-day programme, experts at Petersime and other prominent institutions within the poultry industry present advanced topics that zoom in on different aspects of incubation and hatchery management, such as biosecurity and hatchery disinfection, egg handling, breeder management, and much more. The training is hosted three times a year at the different Petersime locations around the world


Personal approach as an added value

At Petersime, we greatly value the aspect of personal interaction and promote it as much as possible during our training programmes. In addition to the theoretical parts, we therefore always include practical sessions and feedback rounds. Our main focus is to have a first-hand look at egg quality control and chick quality assessment by gaining experience in these sessions and having the opportunity to discuss with peers within the industry. 

Starting in 2023, customers can therefore sign up to join a Hatchery Management Training not only in Belgium, but also in other Petersime Regional Centres as we are expanding our programme to more locations. 

“Being closely connected to the customer in every way possible is a big part of what Petersime stands for,” said Kurt Haeck, Global Service Manager. “Our proximity to customers is our way of understanding their needs better and being able to offer efficient and fast support, including training and knowledge sharing by our experienced specialists who are situated around the world. That is why we were particularly happy to be able to host training weeks in person again after a rocky few years of event cancellations and travel restrictions. It is also a pleasure to announce that we will add more training locations for our Hatchery Management Training as of next year.” 

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Single-Stage Incubator Training at the Regional Centre in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Continuously sharing best practices is key

Petersime’s commitment to keep training accessible to as many customers as possible regardless of location goes beyond the programmes we host at our Headquarters and Regional Centres. In the past few years, we have set up Hatchery Focus E-Training, a series of monthly online training sessions for hatchery managers and maintenance staff. 

Whereas our in-house training combines an intensive three-day programme with advanced topics and first-hand practical experience, the main objective of our online training sessions is to provide a regular learning moment in which customers can directly interact with Petersime’s experts. In the sessions of max. one hour long, a technical or incubational specialist presents to-the-point tips and tricks that customers can implement in their hatchery operations right away. 

The greatest benefit can be found in the local aspect that shapes this training programme: Hatchery Focus E-Training is locally coordinated in Belgium, Brazil, China and Malaysia and fine-tuned with topics that are most relevant to the customer’s regional situation and interests. Moreover, the sessions are available in English, Spanish, Portuguese and Chinese. 

Petersime is committed to supporting customers at every key stage of their business process, not only as a supplier of hatchery solutions, but also as an expert with over 100 years of experience in hatcheries and incubation. For each new hatchery that is established, we want to ensure that our customers see a smooth start-up of their operations by thoroughly supervising the installation process and offering personal guidance as the first sets and hatches are organized. 

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