Reaching for the highest hatchery results not only requires the highest standards in incubator performance, but also expert guidance during the complete lifetime of the hatchery. The key to success for your business lies in enhancing the skills of your staff, being able to solve problems that pop up along the way and adapting to changing trends and needs. Petersime provides you with the right support to keep your hatchery performing at the highest level throughout its entire life cycle. 

Day-to-day support

As a lifelong partner, Petersime is committed to offering a comprehensive range of services for the entire lifetime of your equipment. You are sure to receive accurate support whenever needed. For each customer, a Helpdesk Engineer is appointed to be the single point of contact for first-line support – reliably, worldwide and 24/7. Next to that, our Service Engineers and Global Incubation Consultants travel the globe to perform on-site interventions and offer technical and incubation support. However, that's not all. At Petersime, we offer a solid foundation for the sustained growth and success of your hatchery


Additional services − directly from Petersime

Conducting a targeted audit or training programme or implementing a well-made business decision can lead to effective solutions that strengthen the hatchery and solve small or large challenges. Whether you need training options, expert support or hatchery digitalization advice, Petersime can help: 


1. Specialist training programmes

Thanks to the different training programmes Petersime offers, hatchery employees get the opportunity to gain extra skills and know-how to perform at a higher level. Delivered by our technical and incubational experts, each training programme is tailored to the needs of the attendees. By organizing training events locally, we want to give customers access to training without having to travel long distances. 

Check the 2024 training calendar and book your training in the MyPetersime portal

  • Single-Stage Incubator Training: Three-day training programme that covers every aspect of single-stage incubation.
  • Hatchery Management Training: Three-day training programme that covers every aspect of hatchery management.
  • Hatchery Focus E-Training: Free online session with an in-depth focus on one technical or incubational topic. 
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Petersime offers incubator and hatchery management courses to help you get the most out of your hatchery. 

2. In-depth audits

Audits performed by Petersime experts can help you identify areas for improvement in the hatchery production process. Our experts have excellent technical and incubational credentials, coupled with relevant hatchery knowledge and experience, so you can be assured that they have the know-how to boost your hatchery’s results. 

  • Remote incubation audit: Incubation audit performed in a remote way, providing individual advice to optimize your incubation results or solve specific incubation-related issues. 
  • Technical audit: On-site consulting to achieve the highest efficiency of your incubators and HVAC equipment.
  • Hatchery performance audit: On-site consulting to screen your hatchery’s core processes and maximize your overall results. 

Consult the full details and request your session in the MyPetersime portal


3. Digitalization and software implementation

Embracing digitalization is crucial in the ever-evolving poultry industry. Petersime offers a unique data-driven hatchery software called Eagle Trax™ that brings many advantages, ranging from improving overall operations to minimizing human error as hatchery staff can rely on digitized, automated working procedures. Our experts can help you to implement digitalization in an optimized manner. They also provide training to give your team the knowledge they need to use the new software confidently. 

Request a demo to discover the substantial benefits Eagle Trax™ can bring or request training in the MyPetersime portal

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Eagle Trax™ makes your hatchery more agile, enabling you to adapt to changing trends and needs so you can confidently meet the future challenges of the poultry industry. 

Lifelong partner

Long-term success in the hatchery industry requires maximum business continuity and the optimal use of personnel and equipment. With our services, Petersime supports you throughout the entire lifecycle of your hatchery. We have all the support resources you need in one easy-to-use location, the MyPetersime customer portal

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